Best places to Stay in Upstate new York

The best places to stay in Upstate New York

Best resorts in the hinterland of New York. These Adirondacks are beautiful. There are so many novelty shops and restaurants. In Upstate NY: Probably the most luxurious hotel you've ever visited.

Which is a good place to spend the week-end in the hinterland of New York?

A dream land for lonely countryside, Lake Placid is an ancient Olympian city and offers great opportunities for ski, hike, biking and hike around unspoilt water. These Adirondacks are beautiful. There are so many newsstands and restaurants. Actually is quite cheap as well, being in the NY hinterland where nobody ever goes.

The most places in Upstate are places where you need a vehicle to get around. Hudson's a proposition, NY. Hudson, which was known in the past for its whorehouses and in the 1980s as a political corruption enclosure, has been greatly upgraded over the past 20 years and is now full of B&B's, bizarre boutiques and antiqueshops.

The Hudson is 2 hrs from Penn Station and you can take a cab or run to Warren St for the whole event. I think Glens Falls is your best bet - a small town of almost fifteen thousand inhabitants, which can be reached from NYC by a relatively quick coach trip and is encircled by the best scenic scenery in the North East.

It' three hours to Boston, three to Montreal and four to New York City. The Adirondack Mountains are ten-minute drive away! Cities near the Catskills (west of Poughkeepsie) are real jewel. Cities in the area were quaint and artful, and there are great places in the area to suit every interest:

In our heads, our stay is so much more than a fast excursion into the hinterland. I like Upstate NY (I come from Eastern PA) and I have about 50 per cent of the USA in it. Here are some - try Rhinebeck, Woodstock, Lake Placid area or anywhere in the Adirondacks, Lake George area, Saratoga, Tannersville (near Hunter Mt), Finger Lakes Region/Senaca, Lake Champlain.

Each of these places has websites with travel guide for the area, as well as campgrounds, hotel, B&B, etc. Beautiful little cities, many Amish in the area, nice stores.

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