Best places to Eat in Hudson Valley

The best places to eat in Hudson Valley

("HVRW") to select seven locations where you will find great value. The Hudson Valley Farm to Table & Green Certified Restaurant. Hudson, one of our favorite specialists. One of the easiest places for your guests in downtown Fishkill! Only a few can claim to have been born in it!

Ramiro's 954

Head chef Ramiro Jimenez began his gastronomic voyage early in the world. Coming to the United States, he came to Positano on Park Avenue as a confectioner, and after reopening as Patria in 1994, Ramiro worked his way up to his sous boss. In January 2000, when Douglas Rodriquez abandoned Patria to open Chicama, he gave Ramiro his first chance to run a family cuisine.

Jimenez Noche opened in 2002 as Executive Chef, the biggest restaurant in New York City, and created the most exhilarating range of South American and Carribean food on any meal. There were new Roman versions as well as his favourite one. Ramiro joins La Puerta Azul in Dutchess County as Executive Chef in 2006.

The Puerta Azul was voted the best Latino eatery in 2008 and 2010. Head chef Jimenez is the writer of the Daily Feast Cookbook, which was released in 2008. Ramiro's 954 Latin Bistro in Mahopac, New York, is Ramiro's new venture in the creation of a Nuevo Latino dining experience in which he expresses his passions for Latin America and Spain with his classical kitchen philosophies and his own modern approaches and blood.

You have to like what you do in this world. "Jimenez says, "I don't have the feeling that I work in the canteen. "This and devotion is the keys to our succes and I want to encourage others to find their real passions in the world.

On-site Hudson Valley Dine

We' re an 8-minute cruise from Lower Manhattan and a 5-minute cruise from Brooklyn Bridge Park - with much better vistas than the underground underpasses. Attention: All passengers must travel by boat. The Collective Hill Country is embedded in the junipers of the Montesino Runch. Encircled by 225 hectares of farmland and biological farming, Collective Hill Country offers genuine Texas taste with a touch of modernity.

The Bucolian Re-education is located at Liberty Farms, a functioning biological farming and riding centre. Easily accessible Hudson's classy fashion stores and designer stores as well as a wide range of outdoors and historic locations. Only a two-hour, scenic ride from New York City. The collective Yellowstone has an enchantingly high mountain flair, lies on a fresh water lake and is encircled by high peaks.

It is only an hour's car ride from Yellowstone National Park. Be enchanted by Colorado's unspoilt scenery while taking an effortless ride from a contemporary holiday city. Encircled by over 1,000 acre of working ranch land, Collective Vail is located on one of the first and biggest central rockies rank.

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