Best of Hudson Valley 2014

The best of Hudson Valley 2014

In the Hudson Valley, the best restaurants serve food and wine. 21:00 ET 30 October 2014 | Updated 23:56 ET 30 October 2014. In 2014 PBE was again voted "Best Place to Buy a Tractor" in Hudson Valley! Dutchess County Restaurant in 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014. Hudson Valley summer is high season for barn weddings (Ham House and Clermont State Historic Site, both in Tivoli, are top wedding locations).

2014 Best Of Hudson Valley Competition

Have a look at all the winner below and see you at the great fare! We' ve just revealed our Best Of Hudson Valley winner, and to mark the occasion, we're having a great celebration on Thursday, October 9th - and you're in! Do you want to come with us? Hand in your answers to our day-to-day questions and you will be entered into a draw for a FREE couple of passports.

Look for a new response every single second. TRIVIAL Q #5: ANSWERED! This is our last little thing for locals who love gluten-free treats! Include all three of this year's Best Gluten-Free favourites for a shot at winning a couple of tickets to tomorrow's Best Of Hudson Valley Party. TIP: That was a selection of the editors!

TRIVIAL Q #4: ANSWERED! Most-voting company (or proposed category) will receive a Best Of Hudson Valley Awards. State this year's readers' choice for a shot at winning a couple of passports to our Best Of Hudson Valley party. TRIVIAL Q #3: ANSWERED! We' re talking about a local from Rockland County who we named this year's Best Up-and-Coming Design.

Who is she to get some passports for our Best Of Hudson Valley party? TIP: That was a selection of the editors! TRIVIAL Q #2: ANSWERED! Slightly modest fashionists are fond of the historical city of Dutchess County, where this year's Best Barbara Shopper is located. Call the store a great opportunity to earn a couple of passports to our Best Of Hudson Valley party.

TRIVIAL Q #1: ANSWERED! The yearly Best Of Hudson Valley Party is exactly one weeks away! Announce the this year' s "Best Old-Fashioned Cocktails" winners for the opportunity to claim a couple of seats. TIP: That was a selection of the editors!

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