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The best place to buy a travel map of the USA in NYC. So from Jerk Chicken to Date Night Italian, here's where you can eat in NYC, right now. Note: The restaurants on this map are listed geographically. Sandwiches are solid, so they can be split best. We' ve searched the best budget in the boroughs - from Manhattan to Brooklyn's southernmost point, here's a handy, cheap map of New York.

Maps of New York City will help you find your way around with ease.

Less wrinkled than most other cards, this laminate card is a little smoother than the other cards, so you can easily put it in your backpack. As well as the road map, there are separately available underground and coach plans, which is useful when planning routes with PST.

In addition, the metro map will cover the whole metro system (not just Manhattan). There are over 100 rides, as well as Central Park theme and landmark sites.

What's the best NYC Subway app?

The article provides the best New York metropolitan transport navigation applications. Some of the best applications (for iPhone and Android) can spare you a lot of distraction and space, so you'll have more free NYC tour times and more free sightseeing!

What hop-on, hop-off bus is the best? Several of the best metro applications in New York are free and have been honored by the MTA. You' ll find applications that give you metro cards and even street plans that work without Wi-Fi or datalog.

Off-line app accessibility is vital for visitors from abroad, as the cost of mobile phone calls can put a heavy strain on your travel budgets. Do you know that the New York City Avenue now has free Wi-Fi in many metro stops? Learn how to get to them from our Where to Find Free Wi-Fi in New York.

Googles Maps has come a long way in recent years and its Navigation & Transit application has exceeded the ease of use of the Apple map that comes with your iPhone. Please be aware that Android customers must sign up for a Google Accounts to use the Google Maps application for Android.

One image says more than a thousand words, so check out the movie to see how Google Maps can help you schedule your New York City itinerary. You' d rather run a few more stops to your underground stop or coach stop? Would you rather run less, but have to change between the undergrounds?

It has off-line capabilities for some features. It provides a few itineraries with journey times, distances to/from metro stops and other important information. In this example, we chose Best Routing. After selecting the desired itinerary ( (see screen #1 ), screen #3 shows unbelievably precise directions such as the number of min. to the metro stop, the estimated arrival of your move and the number of stops between your departure and arrival stops.

The Google Maps Navigator and the Transit application mean you really don't need anything else but a route to where you want to go. The TRANSIT Free - iPhone, iPad & Android. Since the MTA, the New York City Transportati Department, obtains the technologies, this application efficiently incorporates these changes.

Shows you the metro routes, buses and even cabs in your area on the road. The system shows the state of the various means of transport in near-realtime, so that you can choose whether you want to travel by coach, metro or taxidire. There is a routing tool in the application that shows you the best itinerary.

Including where the next Citibike dock is. Have a look at our article Best Bike Rentals in New York Downtown. Large function You can configure to alarm you as you approach your goal, which is ideal for those who are not familiar with the town or who tend to fall to sleep on the subway after a long outing.

Free CITYMAPPER - iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Android. Suggestions for itineraries from point A to point ETA with travelling times and ETA inclusive of all means of transportation (bus, metro, rail, boat, taxi service (Uber, Lyft, gelbes Taxi), car-sharing, bike-sharing and hiking. Underground station stats and real-time interrupt and lag alarms.

Off-line accessable road charts (Official NYC Survey Map, Manhattan Buss Map, Brooklyn Buss Map, Queens Buss Map). There is an alarm feature that informs you when you reach your destination. It is not as complex but not as user-friendly as Google Map or Citymapper.

The simple to use routing system takes you from A to A by metro and works off-line. Utilizes the New York Underground's MTA map. Find a specific metro stop or find the closest one to your whereabouts. The Uber integrations allows you to reserve a cab within seconds and resume your trip after using the New York Underground.

It is very important if you are travelling with a large amount of baggage, a pram or a handicapped-accessible area. TIP: Talking of baggage, if you are looking for baggage drop-off points, see Where to Store in New York City? Rapidly view a listing of the closest metro stops.

Displays the name of the stop-off point and the letter/color of the line. A great feat The application contains an off-line copy of the NYC submap, which is about 2 ft broad and 2 ft long. This application allows you to see the map even if you do not have broadband at all.

The NYC Underground card is gone. $3.99 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch. It has great functions, but it's not really rewarding if you spend a beautiful, restful holiday in New York City. View your whereabouts and get a description of how to get to the nearest train/station.

Servicing instructions also off-line; underground trains even work off-line. Living-draught hours for the routes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and timesquare shuttle. Have a look at the timetable for each railway stop at any hour of the morning or afternoon. You can use the road map view to view your local buses and stops. Underground railway tracks, railway stops, entrance and exit points superimposed on a road map.

Large property comes with cards from NYC Neighbourhoods and you can use them without having to connect to the web. $2.99 iPhone, iPad, iPod dock. A lot of tourists and locals have learnt the tough way that not all underground railway stops have a crossroads that leads in the opposite one.

When you go into town and want to step into the train you think that once you are in the train and you have already payed your ticket, you can find the train in town. There' some train stops in town where there's no motocross possibility. This means that if you have stolen your MetroCard and see that you are on the inner metro in the center, the only way to the inner metro is to leave the train stop, walk across the road and repaie!

With KickMap you don't have to worry and you' re saving your own budget by letting you know in advance what crossover and not. $3 EXIT STRATEGY. 99 iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android and BlackBerry. Those who visit New York will be amazed that our underground stops are quite long and have several exit points.

If you are exiting the train terminal at the incorrect end, you can get out of town. Displays the starting positions for all 469 NYC metro stations. Neighbourhood cards show the metro exits/entrances at road levels. Zooming, scrolling and interactiv MTA metro map and Manhattan road map. Tickets for all five districts.

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