Best Diners in Westchester Ny

The best restaurants in Westchester Ny

THE BEST DINER IN WESTCHESTER! Brunch - Breakfast - Lunch & Dinner - About us - Contact - Home - Welcome. Reception - Breakfast - Brunch - Lunch & Dinner - About us. In Briarcliff Manor we will have lunch at Good Food. These the best restaurants?

THE BEST DINER IN WESTCHESTER! - Re-read from Seven Brothers Diner, Yonkers, NY

That' s better than the normal, but not much better than the restaurant averages. I' ve extended a little to give it a very good evaluation, but seriously, it's way too much to say that it's outstanding compared to other places. Diners' benchmark is low price and large portion, and UBS is not disappointed in these areas.

I' had the steak spec, and there was a whole bunch of grub for that one. It was a pleasant surprise to see that the sirloin was drunk with an au-juice sauce and not with the general-purpose brownsauce that many eaters buy on tap.

Thus, the food was better than medium as dinners go mealtimes (but not as good as you would get in a regular seated restaurant). All I was disappointed was the desert that came with the delicacy. So I had the flan and it just wasn't the really good flan I had somewhere else and it wasn't even as good as flan I had in other restaurants.

It was quick and kind, but with quick errors often come up, and there were a few smaller ones that were quickly fixed.

Fifty-two New York restaurants deserving a stop, one for each shire.

More than 500 guests spread all over the state of New York make it impossible to compile a full dining itinerary. As the old restaurants close and the new restaurants open, the scenery is constantly shifting. There' s a 62 guest book, one from each area. The only criteria we had was that we wanted them to have the term "diner" in their name (and 59 out of 62 do!).

These the best restaurants? However, they all have one thing in common: they all mirror the shifting picture of the American dinner, from the small railway carriages of those days to the large "diner palaces" of chromium, iron and amber. So admit we have over 400 of them missing, which restaurant in which country would you like to be on our itinerary?

Exceptional bar with stool and backrest! A venerable restaurant that opened its gates during the Great Depression. It' one of the oldest restaurants on the menu. Chromium-plated counterstools with light brown seat. Large chalk board above the bar announcing the day's offers.

Dinner overlooking the Susquehanna River.

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