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KZ-Tour Sachsenhausen from Berlin. Berlin Day Trips & Excursions. Full day excursion with round trip from Warnemünde or Rostock. A private tour through Berlin from Rostock. KZ-Tour Sachsenhausen from Berlin.

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Europe?s biggest outdoor swimming hall is located in an airplane hangar 60 km from Berlin. It can be reached from Alexanderplatz by rail - a shuttleservice leaves from the railway terminal in Feuer. The historical small city of Brandenburg an der Havel, one hours westwards of Berlin, has a lot to boast - seas, green areas and a walk-in city-center.

The other is located on Germany's eastern border, the Oder and Poland, 75 min by rail from Berlin. Walk across the riverbank to Slubice, a part of Germany until 1945, for dinner in Poland. It is a jewel of the town, just outside Berlin. A 30-minute ride takes you to the UNESCO site and much more, from the beautiful Sanssouci Palace and Gardens, the small Brandenburg Gate, which opens onto the charming Brandenburger Strasse boulevard, the Netherlands Quarter and the imposing Babelsberg Palace and Gardens.

When you want to take a bath on a bright day, take the Karow to Wandlitzsee in Berlin's Zone C - about 15mn. away. Berlin's main railway station is only one of the most scenic areas in Germany. In 1945 the concentration camp was freed, but was used by the Soviets to accommodate prisoner politicians until 1950.

Situated 40-50 min northwest of Berlin, it is easily reached by underground from the railway stop Orangeburg.

Top 15 day trips from Berlin

The city is a metropolitan, hipster-cool metropolis, with historical sights and contemporary rides alike. This is the Berlin Wall with its epoxy roadworks; here are some of Europe's most exquisite and intangible nightclubs; here is the story of the Second World War in the Reichstag and Checkpoint Charlie; here is contemporary arts and stunning fine arts galeries.

If you are looking for a place with a varied charisma, great cuisine and an epoxy night life, Berlin is a great place to embark on a truly adventurous Europe. Fifteen fabulous day trips that you should take from the city. Visiting Sachsenhausen is certainly a rewarding, albeit disillusioning supplement to your trip to Berlin.

In Sachsenhausen, the nearest encampment of the German Empire, you can take a walk around the grounds and find out more about the terrible realities of living in a Nazi camps. You may feel rather depressed than exalted, but this day excursion is certainly a rewarding hour of your own story, and the moving commemorative exhibitions are definitely deserving of a stop.

Only a stone's throw from Berlin is the lovely Potsdam with its fascinating Holländisches Viertel, the Russian-influenced Alexandrovka and the major attraction: It is a nice town as a whole, but the Palast with its lovely China tea house, spacious garden and the New Palast is a real eye-catcher.

Allow as much as possible of your free day to wander around and enjoy the ambience before returning to Berlin by bus. Dresden is only two inches from Berlin. Theaters, palaces and nice houses characterize this south-west Germany jewel. You can take a walk across the square - Theaterplatz and Schlossplatz - and across the Augustus Bridge to take a look at the rivers.

The city is easily accessible, so you should get your most comfortable coaches for this fabulous day out. You can take a cruise from Tegel to Lehnitzsee, which runs through Berlin's tranquil water. Lean back, unwind and take advantage of Berlin's vast network of rivers to take a look at Friedrichsthal and Malz at the farthest point before heading back to the city.

It is a good option if you need a break: the quiet water of the channels will reassure your souls. Rüdersdorf can be reached by ship from Berlin in one day - a great opportunity to discover the museum park. On the way you can also stop in the pretty historical cities of Köpenick and Friedrichshagen, which will delight you with their country-style architecture and relaxed lifestyle.

Whensee is often on the list of the best day trips from Berlin, and it is simple to understand why. Europeýs biggest landlocked sandy area is equally loved by local people and visitors and sometimes it can be difficult to find a place to leave your towels. Nevertheless it is a great day out - especially in summers when you can enjoy the sun, swimming and just relaxing.

Secret tip: The quiet village of Kladow is only a few steps away from Wannsee. Less than two and a half hour by rail from the German capital, if you fancy a wallpaper shift but don't want to go beyond urban living, Hamburg may be a good choice for you. It' s quite different from Berlin, as a seaport, but it has more than enough to make an enjoyable excursion from the capitol.

There is certainly a certain ambience in Hamburg when you wind your way between the ships lying in the port or discover the renowned Fischmarkt. Germany's second biggest German town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2015, is well-worthy. Saxony's biggest metropolis is astonishingly cool: it is more relaxed and much less expensive than the German capitol, it has started to draw Germany's young creative minds, and this is clearly evident.

You can also find many good eateries in the town, and some great roadworks. Peacock Isle offers something different for a varied day out. You' ll be able to enjoy the historical building like the Kavaliershaus and of course the many peafowls of the isle. You will probably meet more local people than any other tourist under the tree.

There is hardly a better place to get so near to Berlin, and in the Spreewald there are countless hiking, biking and waterways. Visit the lakeside town of Lehde or the charming fishermen town of Leipe to take a look at the countryside in Germany.

It may be a curious idea for a spa, but Tropical Islands is a great place to enjoy a day out with the whole hosts' families, taking advantage of all the many different sights and places of interest around the city. Wandlitzsee beach is a little secret - but it is so near Berlin that you wouldn't believe it.

It is certainly a place to relax and enjoy a day: just take a picknick and immerse yourself in the tranquility of the lake area. Drive to the highest point of the town and enjoy the breathtaking view of the green landscape dotted with green canopies. At the edge of the Elbe is the Saxon Switzerland National Park - a favourite place for Germans, but less known among the mass of tourists.

Among the lime stone columns for which the reserve is renowned, the viaduct provides an impressing and striking marking of the area. Like the name suggests, the Rackotz River is another place where the major draw is a viaduct. Attractive over the sea, if one sees it from the right place in quiet sea, one can make oneself a mad image of a perfect round mirroring - and in the fall the reds and golden of the trees show the place in a beautiful scenery.

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