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Beloit Snappers' latest tweets (@BeloitSnappers). L'équipe de baseball de la ligue mineure à Beloit, Wisconsin. The Beloit Snapper (@BeloitSnapper) ???


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Snappers Beloit Baseball Major League fun at low league prices!

Snappers Beloit Baseball Major League fun at low league prizes! The Pohlman Field in Beloit is the venue for all home matches. Snappers are playing 70 home matches and tickets are starting at $6.50. "For $30 you get a match tickets, go to Miller On Deck and enjoy food and drinks throughout the match!

The meal consists of burgers, hogs, brats, crisps and groundnuts. During the whole saison the snappers are offering many promotional gifts, among them bobble heads. Former Beloit player such as former Milwaukee Brewer Chris Bosio can be seen on this year's bobble heads. Snapper offers great big game entertainment at reasonable rates and offers everyday activities like "More for Your money Friday" with 4 general entrance cards, four warm doggies, four fountains sodas, a candyfloss and a $40 bottle of popular corn!

As well as the specific promotional events, they are planning several themed evenings such as 90' Night, Star Wars Night and Superhero/Princess Day, to name but a few! Snappers are also celebrated for their exceptional firework display throughout the year. These snappers really offer great thrills and thrills in the majors at a cost everyone can pay!

Sunday: 2-for-1 BOGO & Mercy Health System's Day - Review the Wednesday issue of Stateline News, Janesville Messenger, & Walworth County Shopper for your BOGO reserved seating voucher (up to two free seats per coupon) for home matches on Sunday. WSVL/WCLO Monster Deal Monday - 2 entrance cards, 2 warm dog, 2 fountains sodas, 2 popcorn & 2 customizable caps, all for just $26 That's a saving of more than $40, thanks to WSVL & WCLO.

TUESDAY: Working Class Special - Fans can get a General Admission Tickets and a ball rack for only $10.19 from your buddies at 101. Crafts beers Wednesday - All 12-oz. Crafts beers designs are only $2. THURSDAY: $2 Thursday - 24 hour hours a day - 24 hour Belgian draught beers, bratwursts, pizzas, 12z. fountains and non-alcoholic beverages can be bought for only $2. Presented by your buddies at Advia Credit Union.

FRIDAY: More for your cash Friday - The snappers have your Friday evenings covert. We' re selling 4 entrance cards, 4 warm doggies, 4 refreshments, 1 candyfloss and a $40 packet of popular corn. The advertising plan for this year starts with a gift from Beloit Health Systems and Minuteman Press.

Birthdays and WJVL Country Night, Rally Towel Giveaway, July 3 Jersey Auction, Star Wars Night and two Princess And Superhero Night's as well as a Scout Night. Supporters can now buy individual match passes, five of which are games and other multi-game schedules. Featuring a schedule for 15 games, 35 and pass prizes, all 2018 freebies are on sale!

A2301 Skyline Dr. Von der I-90: Take junction 185 A (Beloit). I-43:: Take the I-43 towards Beloit (the I-43 ends in Beloit and becomes Milwaukee Road). Check out the Snappers website for information about their thrilling freebies, promotions, dates and tickets!

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