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Clock appraisals

The only bells we appreciate are large bells such as our church, dome and tower bells, as well as locomotive and ship bells. Victoria, BC. Second-Hand BELL' s Appraisals - What is my ancient bell all about? Brosamer Clocks

Buy and sell our own bell, not bellstocks. We know the whole story of our clocks, who made them, when and where. No question about bell, OR give ballparkings. All we appreciate are large bell, such as our bell for churches, domes and towers, as well as locomotives and shipyards.

DO NOT use casting or bell under 20" inches. However, we do provide an estimation services. More than 30 years of experience in the purchase and sale of used bell systems qualify us to evaluate used bell systems for insurances etc. We' ll give you an accurate idea of the value of your bell.

They have to ring the bell and the length of the sound. Ship to Brosamer's belles by post together with a cheque. Top is the Meneely Bell catalogue artwork, around 1920. That is just one of the many possibilities we have to use when assessing your bell.

Belly Appraisals - Vancouver Island Strata Owners Association

Victoria company that understands the needs of our people! The experts have examined thousand of objects of all kinds. Our customer support is second to none, we have a competitive pricing system, free offers and an excellent closing review. Understanding the needs of our people. Our company offers our products and solutions all over Vancouver Island, the Gulf Islands and the lower continental shelf.

Contrary to many companies that make an offering from available on-line ressources, we provide free on-site inspections before we make your list. In this way we can make sure that we fully appreciate the topic of real estate and can provide the most extensive range possible. Give us a call today or send us an e-mail to receive a non-binding quotation!


Mr. Bell was awarded an Honours Bachelor of Commerce Degree from Laurentian University in 1983. Mr. H. has over 21 years of real estate agent and 17 years as a real estate appraiser. Former Chairman of the Finance Committee (SRB), former Chairman of the Ethics Committee (SRB), former Chairman of the Constitutional and Statute Committee (SRB), former Chairman of the Arbitration Committee (SRB).

In addition to providing expert opinions (commercial, industry and apartment buildings), Duncan also has comprehensive expertise in First Nation matters and specialises in First Nation land claims and lease arbitration. President and owner of Charles Bell Real Estate Appraisals Ltd. omas Cull, B.A. Thomas Cull obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Law & Justice/Sociology) from Laurentian University in 1993.

He is a Tom ist Mitglied des Sudbury Immobilien Board, der Ontario Immobilien Association et der Ontario Immobilien Association canadienne de l'immobilier. He has 16 years professional property management and 10 years as a property expert. Vice-president/owner of Charles Bell Royal Appraisals Ltd. Mr. Wisniewski has an Honours Bachelor of Social Science from the University of Ottawa and a Master of Business Administration.

He is an active member of the Sudbury Real Estate Board, the Ontario Real Estate Association and the CREA. Sabine has a wealth of expertise in administration and a diligent work ethic. Good work ethic.

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