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Accompanied lighting

As one of the best designers and manufacturers of outdoor lighting in the world, Bega Lighting is well known. Take a look at our Bega Lighting range. Purchase exclusive Bega designer lights & lamps online. There are two main characteristics of Bega. BEGA Lighting's BOOM collection is a selection of handmade lamps in copper, cast bronze, brass, cast aluminium and blown glass.


Please click here to see the Bega assortment! Bega&Boom lighting, Kartell Bubble Club sofa, Bover Fora, Bover Amphora, Foscarini Gregg, Marset Santorini, Foscarini Solar, Kundalini Atomium, Marset Soho, Vibia Meridiano, Kartell Masters. BEGA - New label available! BEGA has been designing and manufacturing high-quality lighting for most areas of architectural design for almost 70 years.

Accompanied lighting

The BEGA Group is one of the world's foremost specialists for exterior lighting - for use in households and yards as well as for road lighting, sport areas and subsea use. Its continual innovations in the development and production of lamps of the highest possible lighting standards are unrivaled worldwide and inspire lighting engineers, architecture and designer to come up with groundbreaking new lighting designs.

Bega Lighting Indoors are a synonym for good workmanship and excellent workmanship, and create some of the most breathtaking architectonic lighting in the game. With over 2000 different styles, the Bega Lighting series is not only beautiful but also durable, making it the first selection for architecture and interiors.

At a time of decreasing production output, Bega is above all other manufacturers of lighting products in the global market and continues to set new benchmarks for others. "The" lighting for home and garden" comprises a choice of lights from the Bega assortment, which are ideally suited for lighting outdoors.

The Bega lighting house has been working with architecture and engineering for many years to offer first-class lighting for commercial and residential use. The Bega Studioline series, introduced in 2017, unites the best of high-quality LE D lighting with the most sophisticated metallic art. The BEGA company specialises in exterior lighting - for use around the house, in parks, roads, sports arenas, for use under water - and many other lighting work.

Its range of high-quality lamps is unique worldwide and provides inspiration for lighting designers with lighting designs. The BEGA Plug & Play is a versatile and handheld lighting system for the home garden. Anything is possible: from simple power on/off to user-friendly luminaire controls with your phone and your personal computer.

BEGA Plug & Play makes the lighting of your yard very easy: There is no time-consuming preparatory work for the installation of electric wires, and BEGA Plug & Play can be exchanged and expanded quickly and simply at any tim. Bega Plug & Play provides you with full power in your backyard with a versatile and handheld lighting system.

The Bega system Plug & Go at Plug & Go at Plug & Play is sufficiently adaptable to be modified and expanded quickly and simply. Anything is possible: from simple power on/off to user-friendly luminaire controls with your phone and tray. Introduction of a new, extremely inventive and extremely versatile BEGA Boller-System.

The BEGA Control is an organized control system ideally suited for the automatic control of the lighting levels of homes, municipal gardens, roads and whole street units or districts. BEGA Control can link virtually all areas of facility management thanks to its high levels of interoperability.

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