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New York City Bed and Breakfast

most-booked B&Bs in New York City this month. Stuyvesant in Brooklyn-Bedford, to be precise - Sankofa Aban Bed and Breakfast offers six rooms to choose from for your NYC escapade. New York Bed and Breakfast is the perfect introduction to this exciting state. We' re trying to understand your unique NYC dreams and help you make them come true.

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Wyman House on Riverside Drive and West76 Street has housed operatic vocalists, Lincoln Center performing artists and commoners for more than two dozen years, preferring to live in an sleek Victorian-style bed and breakfast with flats with fully equipped dining and dining rooms. Pamela and Ronald Wyman, the proprietors, also used to live there with their daughters.

However, last year they were selling their five-storey house, storing their finest antiquities and moving to Charleston, S.C., where they are refurbishing a villa to turn it into a bed-and-breakfast store. "She said it was almost not possible to do any kind of deal in New York." For the Wymans, the key point was the New York State Act of 2011, which made renting flats or rooms in apartment blocks illegal for less than 30 years.

Legally, there should be no closure of illicit hotel rooms - usually one-room apartments that have been transformed into student accommodation or accommodation providers that rent rooms on a nocturnal base - without conventional pensions that are taxed and registered with the city. Airbnb's competitors and the Act have already depleted the small bed and breakfast shop in the city, say present and former B&Bs.

Wyman House was beaten by the city, along with other restaurants like him, with a huge penalty. Pair of guys decides to do deals in New York, it wasn't even for the trouble. The number of bed and breakfast in the city has halved since 2011, estimates Mary White,'s foundress, who has only listed nine objects here.

compounding restaurateurs "Suffering is the intensified rivalry of Airbnb and similar sites that allow individuals to hire rooms in their houses, helping to significantly reduce B&B utilization, say Luz Luz. A one-two punch' "In top of the legal issue, we have the one-two punch of Airbnb," said Vinessa Milando, proprietor of Ivy Terrace, a town house on East Fifty-eight Street with six studio-style suits that range from $240 to $400 per room.

Since Ivy Terrace opened in 1997, capacity utilization has fallen from an annual 75% to 50%. Ms Milando felt under siege and in 2011 started a non-profit interest group named StayNYC. org, which represents the lawmakers and acts as a source of resources for restaurateurs, but consciously does not recognize its members in order to protect them from the city's poorly enforced status.

They want New York to draw up an exception for them, on the grounds that they have always complied with the letters of the Act by signing up with the city's Ministry of Finance and paid the same tax as hotel guests. A number of city council members, among them Mark Weprin, D-Queens, are likeable, but say they don't know how to help.

There were seven B&Bs when stay NYC was founded, among them Wyman House. Mrs Milando said that seven bed-and-breakfasts that she knows they have closed in the city. Estimating that there are only 15 other B&Bs like hers whose owners are paying tax and registering with the city. "Since 2011, what has been happening is that Airbnb has become so fashionable, and lawmakers are not in a hurry to amend any of it.

" Airbnb's tenant and landlord businesses make it easier for the state to disregard the Act on Illicit Accommodation. They argue that illicit properties take cheap accommodation off the street, often in rent-stabilised properties. Illicit properties are also seen as a question of living standards for New Yorkers in properties where some flats are leased to short-term people.

Companies like Ivy Terrace were punished, among other things, for not offering the same security features as a conventional resort and for running a resort in a neighbourhood. Even though Mrs. Milando has sprinklers in the corridors and in two rooms of her B&B, the city said that she needs one in each room.

The majority of them do not even know that there are B&Bs in the city. It wants to talk to its visitors in person before they come to make sure "that the folks who remain with us don't rob us" and keep out of the sights of urban explorers. In 2011, when the Act was enacted, the Mayor's Office for Special Enforcement began to check whether the real estate had the same fire protection features as the hotel.

"We were among the first to be marked by the city because we were clear about how we ran our business," said Ms. Wyman. Since 2011, the landlady has estimated she has dropped $160,000, including city penalties, attorney costs and lower beds. A New Hampshire native stayed in a hotel such as the Waldorf Astoria and Plaza, but when she could not get a booking during a recent trip, she accepted a friend's proposal to reserve a room at the Upper East Side Cityhouse.

"She said, "I didn't even know New York City had bed and breakfast. "It' s incredible value for what you get," said Ms Rizzo, clattering before bed, breakfast and an outside patio. "a room in Manhattan with a patio and breakfast?"

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