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This three-room apartment is named after a Shaker saying: We' re here to help you find the best bed and breakfasts in New York. The Harbor House Bed and Breakfast offers comfortable accommodation with rooms and suites for discerning travellers to New York City. Banking/Restaurant, Hotel/Resort, Ballrooms, Bed & Breakfast/Inn, Modern.

The best Bed and Breakfast in NYC from Brownstone to Studio

Located right on New York Harbour, it offers a clear view of lower Manhattan and Brooklyn from its large veranda. Within the Bed and Breakfast you will find comfortable rooms and suite from $79, and continental breakfast is inclusive. A 1880s sandstone in the centre of Bed-Stuy, this bed-and-breakfast preserves Victorian detail in its salon floors, complex deep wood work and an ancient smoke-fire.

You will see crowns and washbasins in the stylish rooms (from $90 per night).

Lake Mariaville Bed and Breakfast

A Mariaville Bed & Breakfast voucher for Mariaville lake B&B is a unique and surprising wedding, anniversary, birthday or Christmas present. Vouchers are available in any amount. This particular someone will long after that recall your present. If you can spend the night by the sea, why remain in the city?

The Mariaville Lakes Bed & Breakfast is more than just an accommodation by the water! Nonchalant yet stylish, trendy and relaxed with an astonishing love of detail, our 5 guest rooms are impeccably, comfortably and well-equipped. If you can find nice, comfy rooms, beautiful floors and the sea, why spend the night in a cool, impersonal place?

Both Rick and Lorrie are experienced hosts who offer welcoming, thoughtful service and respectful of your need for intimacy or serenity. In this season I always begin to yearn for hot, sticky, soft flavored food.......

The NYC B&B owner faces a bewildering array of rules.

One can imagine bed and breakfast as something that can be found in picturesque rural villages, but in the five districts there are even some B&Bs. Bedford Stuyvesant, for example, houses several, among them the Akwaaba Mansion, a historical mansion in Stuyvesant Heights, and Arlington Place, a Victorian sandstone that made its debut last autumn.

Those who own such commercials characterise their B&Bs as mom-and-pop companies that want NYC users to just get the feeling of being at home, but the town authorities, they say, treat them more like a criminal. The New York Times reported that Arlington Place has recently experienced some juridical problems due to the stringent and puzzling rules for short-term rent.

In 2010 a bill made it unlawful for apartment blocks, i.e. houses in which three or more households are living to let to everyone for less than 30 nights. But last month, a recent bill made it illegal for New Yorkers in those same buildings advertising their houses on sites like Airbnb, Nolo states.

It seems, however, that even classical B&Bs are becoming victims of such arrangements. Arlington Place proprietor Liz Mandarano tells The Times that her B&B was attacked by members of the NYPD, FDNY and Department of Buildings, although she does not mention it on Airbnb. For its part, the town says Arlington Place is violating the casing codes because it is used as a detached house but as a motel.

All other B&Bs in New York have been closed down by legislation. The Villager says East Village had to end Bed & Coffee after 16 years of service, although the owners consequently payed the necessary tolls. "Single and two-family houses under the Multi-Family Housing Act are exempted from the 30-day rule," declared the proprietor, so that smaller B&Bs should be exempted from the Airbnb Act.

" She has Ivy Terrace, a mid-town B&B with six studios, and she says she is faced with the possibility of closing what the town thinks is an illicit hospital. "She says New York doesn't have a permit for B&Bs." "Obviously, B&Bs are in older properties all over the countryside, and none of them have the same fire and security regulations as hospitals.

The town also followed these regulations in 2002, when it began to require B&B holders to contribute to the payment of hotels tax and to sign up as a small plant operator. Now under the new legislation, B&Bs are being unjustly prosecuted like theirs, says Milando: "There is no doubt that the B&Bs that are licensed to the town and have been taxing for over a ten years should be treated like grandparents.

While I cannot argue for what the town wants to do in the future, they should find reasonable arrangements for new B&Bs to open in 2010. "At least six B&Bs she knows of have had to shut down recently because they are not able to afford the fine or make the large restructuring necessary to be regarded as a hotel.

but they haven't done so yet."

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