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Montgomery Ny Bed and Breakfast

An extensive selection of Bed and Breakfasts in and around Montgomery, New York, with specials, maps, photos, videos, rooms and booking information. Doghouse Inn & Brunch House Restaurant - Order online - 138 pictures & 41 reviews - Bed & Breakfast - 130 Clinton St - Montgomery, NY - Telephone number

Just as beautiful a hostess as you can find on this earth, this welcoming guesthouse offers good accommodation, rooms and good cuisine. You were supposed to upgrade the interiors, but astonishing meals. Comes over for lunch a few months ago and has a great day. Dinner was awesome. I' ve tasted the canap├ęs and they were tasty.

It is a little jewel in the centre of the town. I' ve been here a few breakfasts and it's been great. It is a place full of charme and personality. It is a tasty meal prepared by a very attentive cook using the freshest cooks.

I went to Borland House as a guest of my sister-in-law because we had presented one of our favourite breakfasts in Rochester, James Brown's Place. Borland House is not even in the same league - we were outdone by the selection of restaurants! According to my woman, our servers were cute.

We gave him a little dispersion that was absent-minded twice with a cup of tea and some warm gravy inquiries, but we gave him a big tip because, well, my missus thought he was cute. It all seemed to have been selected with care for a certain purpose and the results were outstanding. It was an astonishing, warm, tasty and satisfying meal.

While I wanted to try at least 5 things on the meal card, I decided to have a frittata while my woman was enjoying a brawl. They were both very good. Everybody liked what they ordered and the price was quite appropriate given the eating experience and the ambience of the place. At the moment supper is only available for guests, but it was the most exquisite and tasty meal my missus and I have ever had.

A great brushunch at a good value was delivered on time. We had a lovely barbecue here today with my sister and I. It is a very picturesque place with a charme of the old town. I' had the wiener dressing cookies, totally tasty, and my neace liked her homemade flapjacks. And we also adored the chourros, with the most exquisite chocoulades.

What a lovely place for a bridge! Borland House is a delightful historical downtown house with many unique details such as the top rail and the chimney. The three small refectories are filled with antiques and antiques and a multitude of patterned clothing contributes to the nostalgia.

Dinner was delicious! In the end the serving was very sluggish, our meal seemed to come out in twos and not all together on one or two large tablet. As a result, we were confronted with this whole predicament, whether we should begin with or not to eat, or should we just sit and waiting until everyone has their own meal.

Anne, his daugther, is the cook....and an outstanding cook. However, the meal was really good and the charms of the buildings and the refectories are well deserved. I was here a few occasions to make brunches regularly and it was always tasty, so I thought it would be a good place for the days after lunch for my marriage, and I was RIGHT.

As expected, the meal was tasty and the personnel were just rightly alert. I' d like to suggest this venue for a special anniversary after your honeymoon or any other kind of bruncheon party. I totally love this place! It was a great dinner and a great lunch. They all come from farmhouses and you can say that they are very proud to prepare the meals.

Dinner is fine and the price is high for small portions. Montgomery is a very nice town with many stores and several restuarants. Borland Braunschweig is a magic place. Mostly I visit the Brunchhouse for breakfast and lunches, and the meal is always cool, seasonsal and tasty (the fried egg and the hearty holland babies are my favorites).

I have also organised several activities at B&BH, from birthday and birthday celebrations, and organised personal events....amazing meals aside, the beauties of the building/area really make for a sensational happen. The Borland House is astonishing because of Anna! Rooms - beautiful with old fashioned highlights that give you the feeling that we moved our horses to the USA, but with smooth clothes, breakfast - exquisite.

Anne makes home-made croissants at nights because she is spending the whole evening making delicious lovemaking things about the meal and has really big (Southern French cooking school) nerdial bakery shells. If you think it's about eating.....

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