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They can even send a message to any of these beautiful venues and ask for more information! The perfect setting to celebrate your special day than Durham School, the perfect wedding venue. The beautiful wedding locations are unique. There are few places as perfect as Devon for a wedding. With the key to some of London's most beautiful locations as an accredited caterer, we can make couples' dreams come true.

The best wedding venue in the UK

This is an intimate, rural wedding location for up to 100 people with a typical UK style dining area and beautiful landscaped grounds. There is a 30-seat movie theater to watch the nights before the wedding, and a spas with outside swimming pools and beauty services to pamper yourself. The Ned is one of London's most discussed new venues and has the whole 6th storey devoted to personal entertainment - perfect for a classy wedding in the town.

There is room for up to 120 people in six rooms and two outside patios. The Ned's 250 rooms are available to our clients for a room with direct entry to the Ned's Club Roof Swimming pool, fitness studio, spas, hammams and late-night lounging area. This is a real fairytale location; you can marry in the arched ball room or rent the entire palace for total serenity.

All your patrons can sleep in one of the 60 custom made five stars rooms. It is an exlusive chateau for members only on the grounds of an old fortress - with an 18-hole course, angling and equestrian activities. Marry on one of London's most renowned high-rise buildings, where you and your visitors can experience the course of the two upper-stories.

360 degree view of London. Swap oaths with stunning vistas of the Shropshire valley below and the backcountry. This is a beautiful setting for your wedding pictures. This is a shop cottage in the middle of the New Forest National Park. The rental service provides entrance to the renowned musical rooms. It is performed with a free pickupist.

Sunrises and sunsets are available. View over the Atlantic coastline. Also the beautiful mediaeval temple on the property is beautiful and only 500 meters from the cottage, with beautiful view. It was Mark Ronson's anniversary there, and London's celebration kit recently came to the home for its seasonal outdoor parties - Arizona Muse, Lydia and Irene Forte, Marissa Montgomery, Olivia Inge, Pips Taylor and Arielle Free.....

From £5450 + tax for 24 hours excluding rental. It is a luxury home with an 1800s band, a movie theater, a large outdoor patio and 33 guest rooms. A beautiful landscape park to wander through. Easily accessible to London and other major towns, Highclere Castle is nearer than you think.

Full domination of the home and property. If you are an aficionado of the arts, let your visitors walk through this historical 19 th cent. historical galery, initially constructed by Sir John Soane. Wedding parties can choose a particular movie or television studios of their own choosing in supplement to the pristine mansion.

Magnificent Scotch palace in the middle of 60 hectares of protected forest garden with stunning view of Loch Fyne. This area became known through Paul McCartney in his Mull of Kintyre. The upper balcony with a view of the ocean is available for small wedding receptions. With a view of the Thames and a panorama view of the southern shore.

This roof is ideal for a daytime wedding in town. You can use the luxurious entrance to the Central Hall and the top gallery to journey through history and place in a unique session. Walk through the V&A's prestigious rooms in natural light or after nightfall, with private gallery entrance.

It' the best conserved Norman fortress in England. Visitors can view the ceremonies from the Minstrels' Gallery. Situated on its own privately owned isle, the château is isolated from the countryside at low tide, a truly unique time. This is the place only for people from the islands, congregations and immediate families to get married.

Situated in the centre of Covent Garden, where many of the world's most prestigious shows take place, the ceremony takes place in the splendid Paul Hamlyn Hall Sodium. To know that you are one of only two marriages a year that take place at the coveted location. Take your vow in an 1800s rock palace with stunning ocean view of the Arran hills.

Free bagpipers to welcome your guest on your way home.

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