Beautiful Upstate new York

Nice Upstate New York

The photos today were taken by Patricia Hand in the hinterland of New York. Take luxury camping in Grandville, Upstate New York with these luxury yachts for rent. Go get an Upstate New York cup for your hairdresser Abdul. The Upstate NY Homes has a view of the mountains. This is a collection of beautiful lakes and beaches around Upstate New York.

Winters are beautiful in Pat's Upstate New York Garden

Today it was Patricia Hand in the New York hinterland who took the pictures. We' ve been to Pat in 2014 twice, HERE and HERE, and if you recall (or replenish your memory), he's full of colors in it! As she says: "These are pictures I took of the countryside here in the hinterland of New York on December 30.

And I took my grandfather's grandfather's camera and went out to take pictures of this beautiful sight." Pat, your yard is still beautiful, even under all this slush! Visit us at this year's Northwest Flower and Garden Show! I' m going to give another GPOD lecture (a few of you will receive e-mails in the next two week when I put together the slideshow....), and a number of guys have e-mailed me that they will be participating in the show, and that they would like to get together with other GPOODers!

Do you want to receive the GPOD in your mailbox every single mornings? Would you like us to show YOUR own backyard or a backyard you have recently been to? Do you want to scan the GPOD for STATE? Last but not least, visit the GPOD Pinterest page, where you can view all posts in!CLICK HERE!

Nice Yurt rentals in Upstate New York

You can find the Jurts in Granville in Upstate New York. Altogether there are four jurts on the property: a 30-foot belt, a 24-foot belt and two 20-foot years. There is a galley with fridge, micro-wave, coffeemaker, toaster and dishes in the Yurten.

Every yacht has a bed, a heating and a ventilator, a couch, a DVD and power supply for the highest level of glamer comforts. Though the televisions in each Jurte plays much more than just ordinary television. Wi-Fi is available free of charge in the Yurtas. There is a picknickisch and a fireplace in every yacht.

Glamper will also find a welcome package with icecream or iced lollipops, dairy, water, café, teas and biscuits with every book. Below you will find a detailed explanation of each one. 20-feet yurt: There' two 20-foot courts at this camping site. Up to six persons can be accommodated in these jurts with a queen-size berth and two bunks.

They have a small dishwasher, a small galley with a small refrigerator, a micro-wave oven, a coffeemaker, dishes, plates, cups and cutlery. 24-feet belts: Up to eight persons can stay in this yacht. There is handicapped accessible entrance to this yacht. It has two bunks, a convenient queen-size berth and a pull-out twin future couchette.

It also has a dining room with tables and seats, and a small galley with a small refrigerator, micro-wave, coffee machine, dishes, plates, cups and cutlery. 30-feet yurt: This 30-foot belt can also accommodate up to 11 handicapped persons. It' a large yurta suitable for large groups or family.

It has three bunks, a convenient queen-size berth, a king-sized bed and an extendable settee couch. It also has a dining room with tables and stools, a small galley with a small fridge/freezer, a micro-wave oven, a coffeemaker, dishes, plates, cups and cutlery. The bathroom is only 20 meters away from the yurt.

Near the Yurt, there are new baths and free single shower facilities. Dishes, knifes, forks, spoon, barbecue pliers and other utensils are at the guests' disposal. These properties now have a marvelous and beautiful marriage and event barns for marriages, familys and group outings. Inform the owner about the rental conditions of this cottage with table, chair and bed linen.

It' wonderful to relax with your families and your girlfriends around the fireplace while enjoying the area' s pristine beauties.

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