Barn Weddings Upstate Ny

Upstate Ny Barn Weddings

Prize: $ Turquoise Barn Bloomville. Lord Howe Valley Ticonderoga's barn. Resort, Private Estate, Barn/Farm/Farm/Ranch, Mountain, Vintage/Rustic, Outdoor, Modern. We would be happy to talk to you about your upcoming wedding, social or company event. Does anyone know of a farm wedding venue with a barn on it for a reception in Upstate New York?

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The Upstate NY? Barn Sites

Does anyone know of a farms marriage scene with a barn on it for a recording in Upstate New York? We' d like to have a rural, peasantly decorated marriage that is stylish and not a ho-down. I did some weddings at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskills. You will have a place for an open-air celebration in a nice box by a brook, and you can have your welcome in her refurbished barn.

It'?s a good ride, too. One could also try Blue Hill in Stone Barns in Pocantico Hills (Westchester Co.), but they are not "upstate", I have never been there before, but it looks like AMATS. It is a barn in Rochester that has been converted into a restaurante. Initially, when we thought we had an autumn marriage, we wanted to perform the service in an annexed garden with a barn for the welcome.

There was no opportunity to see it in person, but it looks good on the pictures on the website. Crystal Barn is a great location in Rochester NY if you are looking for something rural yet stylish. You also make specific wedding parcels. You' ve probably already selected a location now, but I'll kind of position my report in proceeding anyone drag the diary for message as I am!

In the barn in Ithaca I was at the combined marriage ceremony/reception. Whilst the location was beautiful, a few words of caution: the possibility of hearing the ceremonies outdoors because they were quite near the streets, and for those of us sitting on top during the welcome, it was very risky to go up and down the steps with a dish of dinner in one heel.

So if you are interested in going as far away as Rochester, try Hurd Orchards near Brockport. I' ve only written to write about Hurd Orchards.... I was at a marriage in the fruit garden and to this date it was the best I've ever seen. Nice, good dinner and privately.

I' m getting married this May at Cape Town's Barn Farms in Hudson, NY. You only have weddings in early and late autumn, so make your reservations quickly. Googel-stable farms and their website will come out. My marriage was at The Full Moon in Big Indian, NY (near Kingston).

This barn was transformed into a room for cocktails etc. It' not really big enough for a welcome, but definitely a drink party or wedding party. You can open the barn gate on the lefthand side to make the place really look beautiful and open. All barn or barn weddings are not the same.

A few barn are beautiful, but they are in a crummy environment. But the barn itself is nothing to be written about at home (the worse ones are the ones that have been so "embellished" - plastered walls and shiny flooring everywhere - that you could be in the banqueting room of a Holiday Inn).

It' s not often that you get both a nice barn and a nice environment. Rolls Royce of the barn is the "Dutch Barn". "These were constructed by the Dutches along the Hudson River from the end of 1600 to the beginning of 1800. The difference between them and other stables is their cathedral-like quality: their high altitude, their solid bars, their mediaeval layout.

It is not a common peasant marriage to have a marriage in a barn in the Netherlands. When I know far too much about barn, especially holland barn, it is because I took them apart one by one in 2001 and brought them to my ranch in Ancramdale, NY (two hrs northern of Manhattan).

We organize celebrations and place dancing and charity events and, yes, we hire them out for the casual weddings. However, I am not here to sell my barn, I just make the point that if you are really looking for a place really particular for a marriage, do not be satisfied with the first big green boxes with a barn that you see.

It' a barn marriage is what I'm looking for.... but the Hudson area is a little too far away. Hey! I am looking for a marriage on September 18, 2010 in the area of AlbumY. We' re looking for a barn or a farmstead. Like the Pruyn House ranch, however, there is only room for about 125 persons.

But, if I'm mistaken if I don't want September 11th to be my anniversary. Altough we didn't know anyone in the essays, its still seems like a bad date to have a marriage. I' m with 9/11.... I don't think I want that as my date for the marriage.

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