Barn Weddings Ny

Weddings Barn Ny

Wedding & Events. The Luxury Barn Style Vacation Rental & ; Event Venue in Saugerties, NY.

We' re working together to make your dream of marriage come through.

We' re working together to make your dream of marriage come through. We have also set up a visitor and cleaning personnel for each marriage. We are open from May to October. There is a lounge area for DJ, bands or ceremonies. The prices include breakfast table and chair.

Drapery, chandelier and bar lamps are also contained. There is a view of the farm land at the back of the barns. There are three nice rooms to chose from for your wedding ceremonies..... This is a quiet, grass-covered square at the northern end of the shed with a tree/column focus. This area is slightly shadowed for the convenience of guests during the wedding.

Incl. blank stools. The price includes breakfast and dinner (extra charge). Ceremonial place in the shed. Guest-goers are seated at desks as they watch the celebration, which is like a splendid cath. It is a breathtaking place and the area is extraordinarily well maintained.

All our wishes were met, they ensured that the whole event went well and they were there for all our needs and inquiries at the last second. "I would like to thank Sandy, Melissa and their co-workers for making our marriage magic! It is a beautiful place and the images do not do her any good.

We had the best marriage and it would never have been without such a great place! Thanks " "The whole thing was incredible. Sadly, on the date of the marriage the wheather was not there and the rains really came down, the sky was gray and I was destroyed, because our plan was to get hitched outside in the dream yard.

And it was only an hours before the wedding and the rains were fading. and we could get hitched outside. It is an absolute breathtaking location. We had such a great laugh and we were happy to have chosen such a great place to work with even more great guys.

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