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A charming barn wedding venue & resort in the picturesque Catskills of Upstate, New York. Rural environment, beautiful architecture, gardens, history & full service location. Barn-weddings with beauty, intimacy, privacy and serenity.

Woody & Raw Upstate New York Wedding Venues. Photo: Rural weddings in the barn.

Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to schedule your ideal time for you, your prospective man or your prospective woman and your families and mates.

This former equestrian centre of the estate has been converted into a nice, generous welcome area. This is a truly unique place to look back on the story of the equestrian. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us today to schedule your ideal time for you, your prospective man or your prospective woman and your families and mates.

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Twelve gorgeous marriage barn in Long Island, New York

I' m fond of the concept of a barnyard marriage. We' re just a stone's throw away from the fast-paced roads of New York City and its trendy locations, but we're so far away that driving along the water's edge through some of the smallest cities in the area isn't uncommon.

I have received many emails from this kind of event, from vines and agricultural centres to parks and privately owned hotel, pairs looking for proposals for bars all over the area. The Breeze Hill farm: Breeze Hill Farm is surrounded by fruit trees and there is a privately owned sandy area! In such a breathtaking setting, it is no wonder that the stable is beautiful.

There are classical clapboards, but the element of sophistication is enhanced when the lovely wooden joists are paired with a stunning rock fire. Organise your wedding on the wonderful premises, move into the shed for your welcome and lock the door on the terrace. Hollow Farm & Vineyard: Borghese Castle:Borghese Castle is the oldest vineyards on Long Island!

Castello di Borghese is a beautiful place for an exclusive welcome with country-style touch, perfect for your holiday in Italy! This is Driftwood Farm: Driftwood Farms is one of the most beautiful places in the area with a magnificent shed on the estate and some of the best sea vistas on Long Island.

It' s nice to have a tent with a view of the sea, but the shed is just as breathtaking and just as stylish. Wellcome to the top of the North Fork! Halllockville Museum & Farm: Hallockville Museum & Farm is located in a more rustic area of the North Fork and is a functioning farming centre.

Whilst the barnyard itself can comfortably host up to 150 persons, the Nuggles Barn is slightly smaller, so you can either provide an informal atmosphere or use the room as part of a bigger entrance with a marquee. It' a wonderful backdrop for a more relaxed party!

All six rooms on the site can be rented for the weekends. Arrange an informal trial meal amidst the solarium beauties, go out to the summerhouse as it turns into the corridor of your wedding and drink to your patrons and the wedding underneath in the barns with a magical topping.

Situated in the North Fork' s winelands, Martha Clara Vineyards has a wonderful barnyard that is as pretty for a tasting meal or a bride showers as it is for your weddings and receptions. Before you go into the garland of light-covered barns, I can already see what a moment I can catch for you when you swap your oaths in front of the vine world.

Old Bethpage Village Restoration Barn: The Old Bethpage Village Restoration is home to the yearly Long Island Fair. This barn is a much more contemporary reproduction of the edifice that once formed the central junction of the fair. Undoubtedly you will make a good impact if you decide on this place!

The Peconic Republic Rivers Herb Farm: Situated at the east end of Long Island along the riverbank, Peconic Rivers Herb Park is an excellent place if you are looking for rural garden and greenhouse, terraces and extensive lawn and pools! I' d like to take pictures of you and your new man in a boat on the riverbank on your anniversary or maybe for your betrothal snaps.

Queen's County Farms Museum: A favourite thing about the Queens County Farms Museum and the barns is the ambience. Whether historical building to glasshouses, livestock to garden, there are so many breathtaking areas we can discover for you as we take your pictures! There are also a number of places where you can hold your wedding and welcome.

North lawn and orchard are both wonderful places to put up a marquee, and the location also has a wonderful, classically tiled hayloft with brightly shaded blinds. The Salt Air Farm: The Salt Air Farm is the best place to make your dreams of a summer holiday marriage come true. Salt Air Farm is located on North Fork of Long Island and offers a wide variety of fruit and flower species throughout the area.

Imagine wild flowers, hydrangea, peaches and nectarines as a setting for your midsummer and early autumn marriage. Put a marquee and a large turf with seats and a corridor for your celebration, and your dream is there! The Southampton Museum of History: It' s great when the locations have a range of locations to chose from, and the Southampton Historical Museum is definitely one of them!

You can choose the spacious Roberts Mansion for a more classical welcome, which can accommodate up to 150 people. There is also the classical shed, of course, and some churches are close by if you would rather take your solemn prayers in a more intimate setting. Work - Below are a few more nice Long Island barns!

orge Wrien Barn (c. 1764) It looks over the calm seas of inner Lloyd Harbor on Long Island's North Shore. In addition to Henry Lloyd Manor House on the premises of Caumsett State Park, the barn was the setting for marriages, rehearsals, birthdays and more. The Hallockville Museum Farm:

The Naugles-Scheune, constructed in 1937, was renovated for use as a location for exhibitions while maintaining its historical charcter. On 1,500 m² smaller gatherings can be housed directly in the shed, while the use of a marquee complements the outbuildings. Introduced in Style Me Pretty, Russian Wedding Chic, TLC's Secret Wedding Show, Edible East End and Well Wed Magazine, Naugles Barne is the ideal selection for those looking for an immersive and unforgettable time.

The Jedediah Hawkins Inn is a luxury, historical shop near a gorgeous shed on North Fork of Long Island. This lovely estate and historical building are a stunning setting for a marriage or a memorable occasion. Where is your favourite barns on Long Island?

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