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Newest tweets from Baltimore magazine (@Baltimoremag). The Baltimore is a monthly magazine published in Baltimore, Maryland by Rosebud Entertainment L.L.C., a company owned by Steve Geppi.

Look how employees say it's working at Baltimore magazine. Tie the knot in Baltimore? Bridal gowns, planning tools, ideas, inspiration, photos and the best wedding locations in Baltimore.

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It often produces reports and tourist information on topics such as food, medical science, property and more. Every August, the magazine releases its "Best of Baltimore", which recognizes a large number of people and companies as the best in the industry. The magazine's renowned authors include John Waters, Anne Tyler and David Simon.

Employer Reviews pour le magazine Baltimore

Affectionate, friendly families like environment/culture, friendly and funny, cooperative, creative human beings. Highly skilled employees with management qualities who are committed to transformation and turning, which is crucial. The east-harbor transport is a teddy bear. Fewer participants in boardrooms. It is a highly imaginative and lively area. The Harbor East is a harsh place if you like little transport and lunch that won't breach the bench.

The situation in the eastern port is overcrowded. Good guys, not much tragedy. Redesigned waterfront workspace in the East Port. It treats its trainees as free work (not paid), and it does not make it a study experiment if they only pass on the work that nobody wants to do higher.

The majority of other staff members completely disregard the trainees. There' s not much of an officeinvironment, most of them work from home and the few who work in the officein not really communicatie. There' s not much room for expansion and they have made it very clear that they are not interested in recruiting trainees.

Improve the work placement programme, work in the offices and welcome newcomers. Offices are cliquey and distant. Senior staff speak to trainees, which does not provide a good working atmosphere. A great civilization full of job seekers, sometimes things can be disordered.

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