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Fortress Pierce detectives make two detentions in ring traffic in humans, saying 19 females were killed

Fortress Pierce police detectives detained two men who supposedly run a ring of traffickers from nearby hotel chains. While Airial Johnson, 31 and Curtis Travis, 31 are behind bars, they have been charged with rigging 19 Treasure Coast prostitutes. He', said Sergeant James Grecco, the lead investigator in the case.

Sgt Grecco says Johnson was the brains behind the surgery. He' would search and find vulnerably females aged 20-35 years old who live on the Treasure Coast on the website. "He' actually making appointments," Grecco said. Johnson is addicted to heroine after a few appointments with the girls, the cops say.

"He' had therapy that gave them so much heroine in the mornings, afternoons and evenings, and they also gave them cracks at nights to counter the heroine, keep them alert and keep them at work," the Sgt. Grecco added. Sgt Grecco said Johnson had been feeding their habit and essentially whatever they'deserved'.

"No matter what they made, he would end up taking from them and saying that they would pay off their heroine debt," Grecco said. Investigators spend month working on the case after getting a tip. The two of them spend their time browsing the backpage website to make appointments with the same girls who are supposed to work for Johnson.

"Grecco said we wanted to turn it off entirely. "and we found the same woman on backpage and busted her when they were doing business as prostitutes." Gracco said a few month ago that the St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office detained Johnson on drug-related allegations when cops believe Curtis Travis took over the surgery.

Wednesday the cops busted Travis at Johnson's place. The investigators say he counted cash and owned smack. Sgt Grecco says Johnson may have operated trafficked persons in at least three states, South Carolina included. Twelve of the participating wives work with the policemen as testimonies.

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