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The investigation into the sexual trade in the St. Cloud region is continuing as the cases go to trial.

Someone else began when the cops were summoned to a shootout in the car park of a Waite Park camp. The two inquiries have resulted in prosecutions in the county of Stearns accusing three men of gender trading and profiteering from conspiracy in the St. Cloud area. I want one of the defendants in custody for the first time Monday.

Tracks are the first gender-trading events archived in Stearns County as trade has been confirmed as a public issue that is also occurring in the St. Cloud area. "âThis has been going on for a long while and now we have a group of highly educated officials who know what to look for,â said Stearns County Attorney Janelle Kendall.

These studies show that there is a great deal of interest in the St. Cloud area. Local researchers have placed adverts on which adverts esort agencies and within 90 seconds have seen telephone numbers and text adverts come in the telephone number they have posted, said Shan Wang, who traces many of the prostitution-related events in Stearns County.

Wang said that a taskforce that began in 2012 has selected more than 120 prostitute working in the St. Cloud region. "Waite Park Police Chief Dave Bentrud, a member of the Central Minnesota Sixth Street Sext.

Jacarcarl Timothy Hobson, 32, faces charges of benefiting from sex work after researchers concluded that he had requested or created a 29-year-old female to take part in sex work in Cass and Stearns County, according to legal documents. He' s due in St. Cloud on Monday. Policemen met the lady in December when she came to a strange home in St. Cloud and asked for help.

Several prosecution authorities affirmed that the women "had previously been victims of sexual intercourse and abduction in several states," the appeal said. She' had been compelled to use to set up some kind of conspiracy to commit it. Hadson was renting a room at an area motel around Thanksgiving and she met John's there for gender, according to legal documents.

The prosecution accuses Hobson of taking the girl to Bemidji and Brainerd to work and finally found a room in a Walker gambling house. At the beginning of December they went back to St. Cloud when she had sexual relations again with men who answered the backpage.

Hobson said she didn't want to work for him anymore, but he got mad, shut her up in a room in a St. Cloud mansion and took her cell phone. Cases of human trafficking are harder to trace because the crimes occur at the interface of several interdependencies - home violence, sex violence and a profitable deal, Kendall said.

Cases of human traffic in Stearns County reflects this dynamic and the violent and controlled nature of human beings trafficked and inequitable. On December 12, a gunfight in the car park of a Waite Park hotel resulted in two men, Jonathon Duane Taylor Hanson, 19, and Alex Trent Hazelrigg, 19.

You have been reproached for benefiting from the practice of sexual intercourse with a person under 18 years of age. He was also indicted for trying to commit assassination and allegedly fired up to 16 rounds at a man with whom he had fought. In the course of this examination, the officer went into the room of the hotel where Hanson had lived and met a 16-year-old outlier.

It explained to researchers that she had worked as a hooker for Hanson and Hazelrigg and they had advertising her on backpage. com, according to the Supreme Court appeals the men charge. She said to the detectives that Hanson planned to meet men who were paying for having her. Hazelrigg and Hanson kept most of the cash and even blamed them for not giving them enough of what they had made.

"and Hazelrigg got angry at her for not giving him money," the appeal says. "And Hazelrigg took Hanson's weapon and pointed it at her face and asked: Where is my acacia? Complaints indicate that the weapon Hazelrigg was holding to her skull was the same. The 40-caliber pistol Hanson was said to have used during the December 12 shootout.

On Monday, Hazelrigg is to appear in front of the courts for the first time. He is imprisoned after being convicted in January for driving a car that was shot near 1410 Ninth Ave on 19 July. He' still on trial for the December 12th shootout at the motei.

The fact that officials found a fraternity during the investigation of the shootings did not come as a big surprise to Waite Park's mayor. "There is a strong correlation between mobs, weapons, narcotics and sex work, and this particular event had all the elements," Bentrud said. "Scope officials are better at recognizing things looking out of place that involves young girl and following on sign that the trade might be concerned, he said.

He said there was a "strong correlation" between dropping out of schools or fleeing home and sex work. "We tell our officials that when you meet a young woman who is absent from class and walking away from home, we see it a whole new way," Bentrud said.

"This does not necessarily mean that they are implicated in human beings smuggling or sex work, but it is certainly an indication. "And many women who are traded do not thrive to tell it, but are often characterized by other investigations," said Jennifer Fox, who works to educate and get help for women at the Heartland Girls Ranch in Benson.

As a matter of routine, she sees young women who have already gone into sex work at the age of 12.

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