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West-Nyack Hotel for sex work, drugs activities

The Nyack Motor Lodge offers comfortable accommodation when you visit the area for shopping or sight-seeing. Usually, the police say that it is also a comfortable place for drug, sex work and a landlord of other crime, and district statute executioners say that the owner of the hotel are complicated in having the acts take place in their rooms.

D.A. Thomas Zugibe and D.A. Thomas Humbach were standing outside the 303 route on Wednesday to announce that they would use the county's Harassment Act to either shut down the hotel or fined the proprietors $1,000 for each and every night they "deliberately carried out, upheld, or admitted the annoyance ", the law documents said.

The officers want to close the grocery store, called'Drogensupermarkt und Bordell', "This shop has existed for a long time", Zugibe said. They have a deal here that does not seem to recognise their civil responsibilities to the communities in which they make a great deal of profit. Nyack named the lawsuit as defendant and Tappanzee Hotel LLC.

and a 28-year-old man was found in his room as well as battles, rapes, rape, sex attack, poisoning and other impairments, according to the documents archived early this months in the state Supreme Court in the new city.

He said that the property has helped erode security in the nearby municipality - which includes a neighbourhood of detached houses behind the hotel and The Hub mall - "all in favor of more people. "Humbach said he knew of neighbours who were worried about the activities at the hotel.

"Every day 20 to 25 kids get on the coach to primary schools at the edge of this bloc just behind the motel," said Humbach. "Humbach said that later this weeks he would be filing lawsuits for closing and fining. When the owner responds by stopping malicious behaviour, the shire will cooperate with them.

"It is not the goal to shut down the store, the goal is to stop the illicit activities that are taking place," Humbach said. Mr Zugibe said that part of her plans was to pursue the deal instead of concentrating on just one perpetrator in order to prevent the offence from its onset. Spacious brick-wood hotel was peaceful on Wednesday mornings.

If a man in the vestibule said he worked for the hotel, he wouldn't be identified if asked by The Journal News. Good, Legitime Shops" Wednesday was the second consecutive year that the shire pulled against a locals car. Zugibe and Humbach used the county's public harassment law in March to bring Route 59 Day Inn to justice.

Since then, the number of clarkstown policemen visiting this property, which Zugibe used to call "an outrageous drugs supermarket and brothel", has fallen to almost zero.

State Executive Ed Day commended Wednesday's statement. "We have an active agenda from Tom Humbach and Tom Zugibe to protect our neighbourhood," Day said. "Zugibe commended the Clarkstown cops for their collaboration in the cumbersome lawsuits brought by his brief. "Zugibe added: "We hope that we can call on those entrepreneurs who are lacking a fundamental ethical compass and who are not doing the right thing, and perhaps they will alter their behaviour by seeing the public around this issue.

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