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This is Backpage. com Shut Down As Feds Raid Founder's Home. Consistent fatigue is a warning sign - see The Simple FixGundry MD. M. D.

suicides in a medical climate of burnout and depression. Text; ^, LLC by Backpage Shutdown proves that SESTA was unnecessarily rushed. Confiscated By Feds Under Crackdown On Online Sexpicking " CBS Baltimore

The BALTIMORE (WJZ) -, the most sought-after website for buying and selling sexual intercourse, has been closed because the German authorities are taking action against the online sexual trade. Means grabbed and frozen the site Friday, just a few days aft locals policed nearly a doze men in Howard County for trying to buy gender on the site.

Backpage's homepage warns against a complete, nationwide confiscation. "It is a real ethical win because the state says it is unbearable that companies can support this kind of crime," says Jeanne Allert, CEO of Samaritan Women. The Samaritan Women, an organisation in Baltimore, works with trafficked people.

More than often Allert says that trafficked persons were purchased and sell on the backpage. "We keep tabs on whether our girlfriends have been exploit and marketed, especially on this canal, and it's in the 90 per cent, so it's a very frequent website," she said. The Howard County cops just severed part of the money flowing into a Columbia resort two nights ago.

Amber witnessed before the Senate last autumn when she declared to legislators that her 16-year-old girl was prostitute on backpage. "If there were more stringent posting regulations on these sites, my kid would still be with me today," she said. In a Senate reporter last year, it was claimed that backpage "hidden evidence" for children's sexual intercourse by erasing words and pictures that point to crime.

On Friday evening the website was closed, with detailled legal documentation that is still intact.

After the confiscation of the backpage, what will I use? "CBS Baltimore

Balitimore (WJZ) - Now that is gone, police are trying to figure out where the sexual traders are going next. Backpage's managers, a much-loved website for buying and selling sexual intercourse, have been accused of being a major attraction for children's sexuality traders and mobsters.

Maryland and nationwide law enforcement authorities have established forced labour and traffic in humans by posting bogus advertisements on the site. The last one was near an industrial estate in Howard County last weekend, when 11 men were detained. "Backpage was a place where they could see advertisements for very young women, often post by people smugglers.

And now that backpage is gone, they are using other ways and policies to try to find those same people," said Howard County Police spokesman Sherry Llewellyn. You let all this take place on your website," said one of the victims of the sexual trade. National Center for Missing and Exploited Children said backpage was the topic of 73 per cent of its advice on children's sexual intercourse.

Ambrose's daugther, Desiree Robinson, was assassinated by a man who was linked to her on backpage. "If there were more stringent posting regulations on these sites, my kid would still be with me today," Ambrose said. One backpage rep said it was only a variety of contents that had been produced by others.

"The most important thing is that we have been able to capture some people smugglers. We then find out that they have acted very young women, and these are the ones we really want to reach," Llewellyn said. According to policemen, they have made several hundred arrests, among them a man who has now been in jail for 50 years for dealing with 13- and 16-year-old women.

United States attorneys say Backpage made more than $500 million of messages for sexually explicit employment.

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