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She's staying with the lamest drug dealer on Long Island. This is one of the backs of the island enjoy?. At the service of Long Island City and the surrounding area. So how long does the heat wave last?

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Police Long Island arrested 104 men as part of the huge'BackPage' prick of provstitution

Prosecution is shifting its focus towards illicit sex work, concentrating on clients and traffickers rather than sex workers. Kathleen Rice, District Attorney of Long Island. The Nassau district Nassau district cops arrested 104 men - including physicians, attorneys, bankers as well as schoolteachers - from 18 April to 24 May, who reportedly replied to charges for sex workers on the adults' website Backpage through their "Operation Flush the Johns" spiked-projects.

Advertisements were placed by subcover policemen who later found the "Johns" in rooms of hotels under CCTV. When the clients, who were between 17 and 79 years old, gave the bulls, who posed as whores, funds, they were imprisoned. "When the clients came, they would meet an army agent who pretended to be a hooker, and as soon as funds were proposed for sexual activity, they were apprehended and charged," Rice commented.

The Nassau district had detained only 40 clients in recent years before the war. Thomas Dale, the chief of commission, announces the arrest to support the Long Island sexual work. Though all 104 suspicious clients do not plead guilty, they face a prison term of up to one year if sentenced.

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In the service of the New York region. closes after FBI roundup reportedly

The Sleazy rated site was closed Friday after the FBI attacked the house of its co-founder, according to new accounts. Investigators attacked the home of former proprietor Michael Lacey, according to a CBS branch office - while visitors exchange screen shots of a news item saying that it was "seized" by the fed.

" and related sites have been confiscated as part of an investigation by the U.S. Bureau of Investigation, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service and the Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division," said the embassy of a large number of sexual labourers in the U.S. and Canada. "Backpage just got impounded and dumped by the state.

Other people are afraid that they will not get any cash back from the advertisements they have placed on the website, a favourite market place for sexual activity. "How much do you think #backpage just took us? For a long time, Backpage has been in the cross hairs of legislators, prosecution agencies and activists groups who say their lists allow sexual deal.

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