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The versatile businessman created and produced the transcendental concerts for urban music and was at the same time a pillar in the production of great musical hits for countless artists.

Kushner threatens to give up a plan for the Middle East: Reconstruction of Gaza

WAZHINGTON - Five month ago, Jared Kushner, President Trump's son-in-law and chief advisor, began to shift his attention from mediating a peaceful agreement between Israel and the Palestinians to dealing with the severe human rights crises in the Gaza block. Now with Israel and the Hamas fighters controlling Gaza in a new round of violent attacks that analyst are afraid may end up escalating into a full-scale conflict, Mr. Kushner and his Middle Eastern counterpart, Jason D. Greenblatt, are in danger of unplugging Plan B.

Kushner and Greenblatt, the president's envoy for global negotiation, declare that no external investor is willing to pump funds into Gaza as they describe a Hamas-driven dispute and reconsider their attempts to re-build the Gaza Strip economies to open the doors to a wider agreement for peaceful settlement.

The Hamas leadership must show "a clear intention for a friendly relation with its neighbours" so that relief and investments can be made. Mr. Kushner and Mr. Greenblatt indicated their move in an uncommon couple of opinions for CNN and the Washington Post. The US Embassador to Israel, David M. Friedman, added his name to both papers, while Nikki R. Haley, the US Embassador to the United Nations, became the CNN's 4th co-author.

Trump officers blamed the Hamas leadership for the violent behaviour they denounced as "corrupt and hateful" and blamed them for their relentless attack on Israel in recent month with "rockets, murderers, tunnel terrorists, dragon nukes and other aggressive weapons". "Palestinians say that Israel has started the tsunami by blocking Gaza in order to upset the population against its leader.

Crashes on Friday were threatening to break out into a major crisis when Israel fighter planes hit a target in Gaza after a sharpshooter from Palestine slaughtered an Israel ized along a boundary rail. The two sides are now holding a ceasefire, and Israel said on Sunday that it would re-open the most important trade crossings in Gaza if the ceasefire were to continue for another two inches.

Nevertheless, the speech of a new Gaza conflict is another set-back for Mr. Kushner and Mr. Greenblatt, two new diplomats commissioned by Mr. Trump to negotiate what he has termed the "deal of the century". "After almost 18 month of work and more than a decade of travel to the Middle East, the time for the implementation of their roadmap is still not known.

"We' ve finished the schedule - usually finished - and when the timing is right, we will release it," Mr. Kushner said in an earlier TV report before the recent rise in tension. Your efforts have been hampered by the Palestinians' reluctance to speak to them since Mr Trump recognised Jerusalem as the Israeli capitol in December.

Arabian embassies say their rulers could never accept the Trump plans in public now that they would suffer a setback because of the move to Jerusalem. Whilst Mr Kushner and Mr Greenblatt are waiting for a better time to publish their plans, they have made Gaza a side issue. Kushner said it makes good business to focus on Gaza because no agreement can be reached without a solution to the stripe's statute and because the improvement in the fate of the two million Palestinians living there could provide a way to a more comprehensive, elusive agreement with the Palestinian Authority, which is located in the West Bank.

He and Mr Greenblatt called a White House summit in March to support global economic recovery in Gaza. Although the Palestinian Authority was boycotting the sitting, Mr Kushner and Mr Greenblatt spoke about another one. However, a few day after this first encounter, the Palestinians began to protest, often by force, in Hamas-orchestrated rallies along the perimeter separating Gaza from Israel.

According to Gaza police, since then more than 140 mostly naked Palestinians have been murdered by Israelisnipers. In addition to the tension, Hamas is driving fiery dragons and hot air balloons to the south of Israel to start forest fires and terrorise the population there. "Instead of looking for ways to arm everything from dragons to mirrors in order to assault Israel, Hamas should concentrate its imagination on the improvement of the Gaza Strip economy," Mr Kushner, Mr Greenblatt and Mr Friedman write in their post paper last weeks.

White House, said officers, is conferring with Egypt and Qatar, who are acting as facilitators in Gaza to try to avert a wider conflict. However, the United States strongly supports Israel's right to defence. Writings op-ed suggest that the main focus of civil servants lies on making a case against Hamas.

On the CNN website, the four United Nations General Assembly officers acknowledged their reflexivity in adopting a motion condemning only Israel for the violent events in Gaza (the United States received backing for an amending text blaming Hamas for its involvement in incitement to violence).

It was hoped that the United Nations would show a similarly open spirit in implementing the CPA. Mr Kushner and Mr Greenblatt continue to support discussions between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas which could lead to a unified Gaza administration under the Palestinian oversight of the West Bank.

Hamas can participate in such a regime if it declares its willingness to abandon force, recognise Israel and conduct peacefully. However, embattled and unsuccessful Middle East negotiators said these aspirations were far-fetched, as Hamas would never give up its weapon.

In the Gaza Strip, they cautioned that it could be more difficult, not simpler, to reach a wider agreement. "It is not only not necessary to resolve Gaza first, but the endless delays make it even more difficult to anchor the one-state situation on the West Bank," said Frank G. Lowenstein, who at the end of the Obama government acted as Israel' s negotiator for the Israeli-Palestinian talks.

Mr Lowenstein's forerunner, Martin S. Indyk, said that the United States should have a part to play in alleviating the plight in Gaza.

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