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The Santander League - Real Madrid: MARIOTO is polishing map G Lopetegui was already satisfied with his Action A, but with the re-signing of Marianofrom Lyon, the Madrid trainer now has a more than fitting Action A. However, now Action A, which has become a kind of glamour quietness for the last few years, looks even better, especially considering the possibilities Zinedine Zidane had in his second year.

Mariano's signature, which was unveiled today and will accompany the Spanish-born striker until 2023, has given Lopetegui what he wanted - more power in the depths. It' s been a while since Real came up with a virtually inviolable start XI, only Pepe and Cristiano Ronaldo have left in the last few years.

Others are continuing their place in the squad with every year of success, but the issue was plot B. If anything, Madrid's bank has weakened every season, with Alvaro Morata, James Rodriguez, Danilo and Mateo Kovacic, all luxurious substitute players looking for more pitting.

Now that Kovacic and Ronaldo are gone and Neymar is the only possible sign of the Galactic, the famed Project Five is back in the limelight. With Odriozola, Vinicius Junior and now Mariano arriving, the first XI selects himself, so with the arrival of Odriozola, Vinicius Junior and now Mariano, he concentrates on expanding the cadre.

All the more so considering that tonight's UEFA Champions League honours in Monaco are ruled by Madrid celebrities. Mariano is therefore a great signatory who will support Real Madrid in all the contests. The number nine, with different qualities than Karim Benzema, who will give Lopetegui the diversity he lacked in the game.

Players who have added this additional level of skill during their Lyon days and will help divide the burden of work in front of the gate, especially in the insecure post-Ronaldo age.

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