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A B&B with heart, soul and many original Victorian Brownstone details. A small, owner-run B&B in a historic Victorian house in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn, with a variety of accommodations. Restorer John McDonald and chef Josh Capon have established B&

B as a Soho destination for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch.

Bed and Breakfast Restaurant Corporation - 83 pictures & 119 reviews- African - 165 West26th St, Chelsea, New York, NY - Restaurant Ratings - Phone Number - Menu

You' re going to miss some astonishing dinner! Meals are buffet-style and you are charged per quid. But I didn't know half of what I ate, but everything was tasty. Jerk Chicken - On the flavorful side, but very delicate * Fufu - I've never had anything like it.

It' excellent with sauce and paddy. Go get it, because ox tail is tasty. I' d come back for a box of those blanana puddings. They have a rather barren inner space, but they have many desks and seats. When you can eat so well, who needs a chic interieur?

Above a bunch of crushed paddy. Anything else here is tasty, but, man, I can put the gravy right in my blood. It always seems to round off the cost when my meal is weighted, which is a really beautiful way to treat it, considering that the meal isn't that high.

Our main course is FULL of the best and best dishes of W Africa & the Caribbean. It' tasty, high qualitiy...... oh! Both my complaints...... the paddy is old, if you come after 8 o'clock. I checked it from a distance and craved a flavour of her meal.

Allow me to make it clear that this place is a simple cavity in the walls with a long sitting area. The treasury of a piazza is located in the middle of the square. Take a box and help yourself. They' ll give you a bowl of soda, a scoop, a fork if you want, and a blade to bury it in your dish.

I quit sucking the polystyrene disk. It was really evident that I was eating when two casual guests were sitting with me to share the breaking of sandwiches. Its taste was faithful to Western Africa and the Caribbean. After a long working days I came here and forgot to have lunch, so I was prepared to have something tasty - the refreshment bar here didn't let me down.

And I stacked a $15 platter (almost two pounds) of different food I hadn't tasted yet, and each one was tasty. It'?s not all labelled, but everything is tasty. I had about half of the heated article page (there is also a cool buffet) and I plan to come as much as possible to try everything else.

Dinner? Well, that more than compensates for the sloppy interiors. This is a great mixture of West Africa and Carribean foods. Get a sheet of polystyrene, blend whatever you want and go to the bar and buy for a quid. Courses are not clearly labelled, but what I had was a curried hen, juck hen and a meal with a groundnut gravy with dicot and it was all pure.

Our personnel was very friendly and the rates are very reasonable, so you can also taste delicious meals. One metric ton of meats, gravy, stew soup and paddy.

When this is your first taste of Africa cooking, try everything, it's very genuine and so fucking delectable! Prizes are also very reasonable - I have a big crate full of groceries and I only paid $13.00! It could have been spicier, but who gives a shit?! All the bites were incredible!

If you are looking for an exalted ambience and meal presentations, you don't have to get in. I' ve just covered the bottom of my containers with paddy and coffee and then tipped different kinds of meat and pots on top, so that everything has somehow mixed into a conglomeration of exquisite cheekyness. Ruckhuhn was delicate and quite hot.

You also have curried chickens, goats, fried chickens, etc.. I ordered $12, but then I was a creature that got almost two quid of forage. When you come in the midday rest, be careful of the unavoidable alimentary combat that will ensue. I ate here this evening and it was incredible.

They step into and fill a polystyrene dining box with astonishing paddy, Ruckhuhn, okra/peanut-saucen, pearls that are celestial, yecca - well, and the menu goes on. I was eating for less than $10 and the tastes were off the grocery chart. Apparently I'm not Westafrican, but they tell me things as I walk through their astonishing bar.

Anytime I can get an amazingly clean kitchen for less than $10, I'm lucky. If you are not accustomed to Africa's food, just ask a question and try it out. That Ruckhuhn was the big one, better than any Ruckhuhn I ever had. Whoever' cooks here is astonishing.

Yes, it's just a refreshment bar you wouldn't be interested in if it hadn't been in some places. Walk with an open spirit, as many things are not labelled, just take a chance and put it in your contain. That stupid chick was an eye-catcher, oh, man, the hot!

Didn't try "Grouse" for sure, but we liked it. All we tried to do without even realizing what it was was delightful. 2 vials of lunches, 3:00 p.m. This is amazing dinner. I give him A+ as an African. Frankly, I have no clue what's on my dish. It' a simple and comfortable sideboard.

Passing the lettuce shop in the front area you get to the warm braised meat, grouse, coffee rolls, coffee rolls, coffee and rice. Take a pedestal over the sideboard and begin to load. It'?s $7. 99 / lb and I spent $11 at the end.... it?s really up. Beautiful low-key commercial with $8/lb food and seating.

The Jerk Huhn is great - it' s great to get a little of everything and relax a little. It is small and cosy with good, healthy meals. so that another great place can survive to dine. I had to be a little persuasive to get my mates to try Asian foods because none of us were used to it.

This place was so good. Trying a little of everything I could get into my box - the Ruckhuhn was good, whatever had the hard-boiled nuts, the coffee-bean, and the paddy were good, some kind of roasted meatball was good - everything. Definitely be back when I get downtown and need a big dinner.

Get in, get the meal in a dish or box, buy it and find a place. Bf having a crazed appetite+ I Fed for $26. The buffet's run rate is $7.99/lb. But I noticed a great deal when it comes to travel choices and chickens.

That bf and I tried some of them, but I have to say I was only struck by the lady's gravy (there are lumps of meat) and fractured rice. bf and i tried some of them but i have to say that i was only struck by the lady's gravy (there are lumps of meat) and fractured travel. Ruckh├╝hner's taste and spices are piled up on the surface of the chicken's skins, and the dressing was not what I had been expecting. 3 Michelin-starlets for the meal and an additional one for a proper, inexpensive supper for 2 under $30.

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