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The Aurora Historical Society & Hillary House. Aurora Lifestyle Center: beckgroup. The Aurora is a destination full of unique attractions, places and activities. Pages in category "Tourist Attractions in Aurora (province)". Activities in Aurora, Nebraska:

Top 15 Activities in Aurora (CO)

Aurora ( "Colorado"), on the hips of the famous Mile-High City, is one third of the gigantic Metro Denver area; an extensive Metro -Denver metro area with a total population of more than two million. However unlike its close neighbours of Denver and Lakewood, Aurora has done well to maintain some of its small-town nature and which balances diligently with very large deployments such as the Great Southlands Lifestyle Center and its myriad of 18-hole golf courses. ΓΏ On the other hand, Aurora is one of the most popular destinations for golfers.

This is an interesting and inviting city, where traditional beer houses and friendly families eat out between the busy streets around Havana Street, where inhabitants grill and fight back on the sand of surrounding dams and streams and where line dance and countryside dancing are the order of the day. Then there' s Aurora's historical link to the Great Plains.

An intriguing hint of legacy that appears in small museum and protected areas and offers a foretaste of the true prairies in the shade of the powerful Rocky Mountains! Let's discover the best things in Aurora! The Aurora Reservoir was once a remote recreation area on the south-eastern outskirts of the town, hiding between the hilly prairies on the arid and powdery upwind side of the Rocky Mountains.

Over the past few years, rapid city expansion in areas such as Southshore has taken municipalities to the shore and enriched the 800 hectare artificial lakeside with some of the best outdoor attractions in the city. Today, local people and travellers come here to hire a canoe, take part in SCUBA dive trips (try to discover the underwater plane!), fish for trouts or just sit back on the well-kept beaches - great for a sunbath in the humid summer of Coloradan.

Top 15 Activities in Aurora (CO):


The Aurora is a city full of attractions, places and one-of-a-kind experiences. Discover the beauties of Colorado's nature in one of the dozen parklands, 50 mile walking paths, six open air gulf courts or two beautiful resorts - not to speak of the 6,000 hectares of open area. Aurora' s intuitively designed arts quarter and one of our many theatres, museum and family-friendly attractions.

Lovers of shops will enjoy our mixture of retailing locations, which ranges from local shops to well-known local labels.

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