Attractions near West point

The Attractions near West Point

Explore West Point, California with the help of your friends. West Point has everything you need to do during your stay. Locate the best things for you near West Point Grey, Vancouver. Explore activities, accommodation and restaurants in West Point. More attractions near the Westpoint Arena.


Interested in the week-long band show at Trophy Point? There are many opportunities if you are more interested in defence historiography and museum, as well as the West Point School. With a rich heritage of armed forces, musical and entertaining activities, and the kind of team you like to build your roots for, the city of the Highlands is a great city.

iceskating at Bear Mountain, Eisenhower Hall Theatre, Bear Mountain Lightscreen, Bear Mountain Christmas, Eagle Watches, Winterfest, West Point Museum, Patriot Garden in Fort Montgomery, Fort Montgomery History Site and Welcome Center, historical church and much more. Spring, summer and autumn we have: Natural Paths, Walking, Fishing, West Point Gulf, Farmer's Fair, West Point Museum, West Point Concert, Constitution Island, West Point Tours, Picnic, Hesse Lakeside Boating, Patriot Garden in Fort Montgomery, the Fort Montgomery History Site and Welcome Center, Bear Mountain and Harriman State Parks, Army Soccer, the Highland Falls Fall Foliage Festival and much more!

Hudson Highlands area, which includes the Town of Highlands, Fort Montgomery, Highland Falls and West Point, provides cosy, historically significant and luxurious accommodation for almost every family. Situated between the ancient Highland Falls/West Point and picturesque Bear Mountain, you will surely be able to relax and unwind in this first-class city.

Westpoint-Exeter - On-site area

West Point is located in the southwest, directly on the river N5 and only 6 mi from the historical town of Exeter. In addition to the Lindencafé and the local bars and bars during the event, there are a number of them.

A town full of legacy and cultural attractions for all ages, from the breathtaking Gothic cathedral to the magnificent and historical quay. If you are interested in buying goods, visiting sights or just relax, Exeter has a lot to do. The Exeter Cathedral is an impressive building of both ancient and aesthetic splendour in the centre of the town, with breathtaking interior and exterior architectural splendour.

At Exeter you are spoiled for choices between the best and coolest products of the season and the week's farmers' market. Go to the Exeter Cathedral website. The Royal Albert Memorial Museum will delight audiences of all age groups with its intriguing exhibits - admission to the museum is free and it also hosts the city's biggest arts museum.

The Exeter Phoenix and Spacex gallery can also be visited by arts enthusiasts, or they can dare to go to the quay, where arts and crafts shops are housed in historical basements and tolls. Please have a look at the website of the Royal Albert Memorial Museum. The Exeter is also an excellent base for those who want to discover the remainder of Devon.

You can also check out Devon's Crealy, the most popular South West European holiday destination, just 2 leagues from Westpoint, with 7 new attractions for 2007! Please have a look at the website of Crealy. More information about the attractions and activities in Exeter can be found at

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