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Places of interest near San Jose

The San Jose Heritage Rose Garden: wikimedia. A trip to San Jose is not complete if you do not stop at the SAP Center. There are a number of attractions in San Jose that don't last too long: San José Local Attractions is home to many unique attractions, including those listed below. Come, stay and explore San José.

Best 25 Activities in San Jose (CA)

San Jose is the third biggest town in California and the 10th biggest in the entire United States. It' not inexpensive to be living in this town and buy real estate you need to be quite wealthy. It has a colourful past that embraces both Spaniards and Mexicans.

You' ll see how you can go through the schedule of many places to see the view of the story of this great town. So, without further ado, let's take a look at the top 25 things to do in San Jose. Originally the home was owned by Sarah Winchester, the wife of William Winchester, a renowned gunsmith.

Sara Winchester came into a vast amount of riches when he was killed and the building of this peculiar home began soon afterwards. According to myth, it took 38 years for Sarah Winchester herself to die. Best 25 activities in San Jose (CA):

Sightseeing in and around San Jose, CA

1881 William Wirt Winchester, whose whole familiy made the Winchester-Gun. Sarah Winchester not only mourned her man, but she also began to believe that the ghosts of the men who had been murdered by Winchester guns were afflicting her. Winchester Mystery House is still standing in San Jose today and is full of stairs leading nowhere, mystical corridors and strange rooms.

There is no way to get to San Jose without a stop at the SAP Center. Affectionately called "Shark Tank" by the natives, this is the place where the San Jose Sharks train and play home matches. Are you looking for a way to entertain the whole group? The San Jose's Great America is an outstanding blend of attractions for any age.

This luxurious retail outlet is also home to classy labels and popular agribusiness. Walk for an hour with an ice cream in your hands through the neighborhood or stop at one of the many comfy open-air seats and enjoy the view. There are a wide range of stores and places to eat, from wood-fired pizzas to tappas.

The San Jose flea market on Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday is the place to be if you believe in turning garbage into real treasures. Walk through colourful corridors dotted with shops and then stop for a snack at one of the grocery stores. There is a large number of works on display at the San Jose Museum of Art that fascinate visitors from all areas of the world.

Situated in the city centre of San Jose, the Cathedral of St. Joseph is a breathtaking building, which is listed as a historic landmark of California. Situated in the heart of the city, the church, which is now a part of the city, was rebuilt in 1803. Well-known as one of the most authentically Japanese towns in the land, this is San Jose's culture centre that attracts many people.

To have a great time in Japantown with tasty Japantown dining, speciality stores and a variety of arts and theatre venues. Walled houses, cosy cafés and fabulous fashion stores allow you to enjoy the days of trying your hand at the city and shoppingtalk. Since Raging Waters is only open in the hot season, the location is great entertainment for the whole group.

As you may have surmised, the Children's Discovery Museum is intended for them. The Kelley Park is a popular part of San Jose. With over 172 hectares of open spaces, it houses the Happy Hollow Park & Zoo, the History Park Museum and kilometres of lawn and garden where you can relax and take a high-quality snack.

I mean, you didn't really travel around San Jose without getting into town. There are plenty of technology businesses, beer houses, local shops and shops, so you're sure to find something to look out for in the centre of the town.

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