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Dallas Attractions

You' re gonna find the best things in Dallas this weekend. You can find shows, events and what's going on at top attractions, as well as top picks from the Dallas Morning News. It' not hard to understand why Dallas is often referred to as Big D: It is a large, sprawling metropolis full of great attractions you won't find anywhere else. Big list of funny things to do in Dallas for residents, too.

Attractions in Dallas

It' not hard to understand why Dallas is often called Big D: It is a large, spacious city full of great attractions that you won't find anywhere else. Dallas has a nascent artscene to begin with and a shining example of this is the Dallas Arts Districts, the biggest amusement area of its kind in the state.

And not to forget that the Pritzker Prize has one of the world's biggest collection of Pritzker Award winners in one place. Dallas is also home to Fair Park, which houses one of the country's biggest art deco collection of art galleries constructed for the Texas Centennial and World's Fair in 1936.

Besides some of the most impressive architectural features, the Fair Park is home to some of the country's biggest state exhibitions. Obviously, not many towns can pride themselves on having a presidential grade one. In Dallas you will find the George W. Bush Presidential Gallery and Museum in honor of the President of the United States.

And, while you're in the city, you should buy a Dallas CityPASS to make unbelievable cost reductions on entry to many of the attractions presented here. Dallas TV show enthusiasts can't make a full stop in the area without a trip to this legendary farm 25 leagues in the suburbs of Parker in Dallas.

Sure, J.R. is gone and the show is no longer on film, but Southfork Ranch, home of Big D's fictitious first-famed Ewings, is still a big touristic draw. Everyday trips start from a welcome centre, which also includes a home for everything from the weapon J.R. killed to Lucy's bridal gown.

Thinking of Dallas, the first thing you think of is the Reunion Tower, which has adorned the town' s Skyline with its shimmering sphere since 1978. Are you looking for the ultimate Texas adventure? Visit the Mesquite (14 Leagues E of Dallas), the Mesquite Rodeo Capital of Texas, where you can enjoy the thrill s and leaks of the Mesquite Championship Rodeo every Friday and Saturday evening throughout the year.

Not only is it the action on the mud that amuses the crowd, there are also a lot of other attractions to be enjoyed, from headlining shows and lasers hows to face-paintings, riding ponies, stroking zoo and even a ride on a bus. You say everything is larger and better in Texas, and the Texas state fair - which has been high since 1886 - is no different.

The three-week-long trade show, which takes place every autumn, is not only one of the country' biggest and longest lasting trade shows, but also the biggest Ferris-wheel of North America. However, there is more to be seen in Faire Park than just the yearly trade show. This 277 hectare building is an early 20th c. architectural treasury and has one of the biggest art -deco structure holdings in the United States.

As well as attracting attention from architects, the gardens are home to a large number of event locations throughout the year, such as the Children's Aquarium, the African American Museum and the Texas Discovery Gardens. Schedule your trip in the vernal season when Dallas Blooms Arboretum, the biggest flower fair in the southwest with more than 500,000 flowering Bulbs and year-olds.

There' s few better places in Texas to see the Old West than the Fort Worth Stockyards, a former Chisholm Trail cowboys milking and cow markets, which has been turned into one of the state's leading amusement parks. In addition to a number of stores, eateries and pubs with westerly themes, the county also offers the world's biggest honky-tonk (Billy Bob's Texas) and the only twice a day stock raising in the whole wide globe (at 11:30am and 4:00pm).

Historians or conspiracists, the Sixth Floor is an interesting resource for information on the murder and heritage of President John F. Kennedy. Once you have visited the Ethnographic Centre, you should definitely go to the Graskuppe to learn more about the events of this dramatic year.

The Perot Musée of international renown provides a rich source of delicacies that will captivate audiences of all ages. The highlight is a children's open-air dinosaurs excavation centre, a 5-foot stone and mineral exhibition with a 5-foot earth rod and an seismic exhibition area.

Don't miss the Texas Instruments Engineering and Innovation Hall, where researchers can construct their own robot and make their own electronic work. It is a good place to begin by taking the outside staircase up and working your way down while you enjoy the panorama view of Dallas city centre.

Only thirteen (soon to be fourteen) president's galleries are spread across the United States, and Texas is lucky enough to host three of them, one of which is the 226,000 square meter George W. Bush President's library and museums on the Southern Methodist University Campus. According to Ronald Reagan's Simi Valley, California Preidential Collection, the impressive building includes not only a collection and exhibition, but also the George W. Bush Policy Institute and the George W. Bush Foundation.

But most people will only see the Musée, which ranges from a number of state-of-the-art interactivity display panels to a walk-in re-creation of the Bush Oval Office and a 22-foot high, devastated World Trade Center support. There are also points on opinion such as the Glock Gun Saddam Hussein had when he was gathered, bull horn Bush used when he attended Zero Grounds after 9-11 and some of the 43,000 presents given to the president and first lady by Foreign Heads of State.

The city centre of Big D has recently experienced a revival and a large part of its popularity can be attributed to its ever-growing art area. With an area of 68 hectares and 19 connected blocs, the county is the country's biggest municipal recreation area. In addition to outstanding locations such as the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center and three world-class art galleries (the Dallas Museum of Art, the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Crow Collection of Asian Art), the easy-to-access Art District is home to one of the world's biggest one-stop galleries of Pritzker Prize-winning work.

As if that weren't enough, the area also offers one of the country's most important municipal playgrounds: Klyde Warren National Park - a 5 hectare covered area with a variety of year-round programs that range from day-to-day gym activities to music and movie shows.

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