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Find out what employees are saying about working in the NYC Department of Environmental Protection. The dishonored Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is brought before a New York City court on his charges. The spring blossoms in NYC Parks. As spring is in full swing, visit these parks to experience the best season of the year. Share your photos at @NYCParks.

The Guatemalan mother comes to the NYC to see her kids.

New Yorks (AP) - A Guatemalan woman, who has been segregated from her three kids on the US-Mexico frontier, is in a New York City community outfit. On Tuesday, Yeni Gonzalez, who looked serious and a little jumpy, quickly went to the Cayuga Centre, the agent who brought her kids into care homes.

They are Deyuin (6 years old), Jamelin (9 years old) and Lester (11 years old). González was taken across the field by a volunteer after she was discharged from the Eloy Detention Center in Arizona on Thursday.

Demonstrators are marching at NYC Pride for the quieter life taken by war.

We are now in Proud Monday and the New York Proud Walk protesters took the weekends procession as an opportunity to emphasize the pressing imbalances at stake for today's lives of local and international lives. The Voices4 group of activists - formed by Dazed 100 Adam Eli - took over Dazed's Instagram when it was marching alongside the resistance allotment, a group that challenged the corporatisation of Pride. 2.

When the Marche clung to the rose pounds, these militants walked for those who couldn't, wearing 10 caskets to symbolize the quieter life taken by the war. Photographs taken by Hunter Abrams for Dazed show the passionate participation in the New York based company, which has been a great success. Voices4 demonstrations - clad in grey, with the 10 caskets bearing emblems of Transpride and the LGBTT - were a tribute to their LGBTQ forerunners, ACT UP's 1998 White House burial parade and GAG's Human Beings debut at New York Prince March 2016.

Recently, Voices 4 has given a strange kisses to show support for the LGBTQ community in the former states. In particular, they caused the policy of Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Azerbaijan, where LGBTQ arrested, attacked and corrupt. One year after the supposed Queen Purging in Chechnya, the lobby group also protested with rose-tinted silk caps and necklaces of rainbows.

I' m marching for those who have been murdered & pursued and never had the opportunity to have the moments I have with my colleagues at Pride.

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