Arteriors Lighting

Ateriors Lighting

With a history spanning almost thirty years, Arteriors is a brand that has proven itself without ever standing still. Timeless and unique lighting, furniture and home decor by Arteriors. NO CHARGE SHIPPING on all Arteriors orders from Candelabra. The Arteriors Home Lighting creates unique and timeless furnishings that appeal to the interior of your home. Have a look at our selection of Arteriors Home lamps.

Lights, lamps, pendants, wall lights & more from Arteriors

From luxurious lights to candelabras, wall lights and trailers, our range of products is characterized by demanding, forward-looking design that is in demand from today's designer and retail market. If you are looking for a lighting as an emphasis or centre, a contemporary house or a sandstone, a villa or a small piece of country house, we have the drafts to realize your art visions.

Many of our luminaires are certified for use in condensed indoor and outdoor areas such as baths, spa facilities, roofed terraces and balcony. For most of our lustres and trailers we provide extra tubes, pins and necklaces. You will find these possibilities in the description of our products.

If you are shopping for lighting, we aim to offer an extraordinary event from beginning to end. Deliveries are made within 72 hrs of your order if the item is in-store. There are also a number of shipment and shipment choices to select from, among them our White Gloveervices.

History of our company

Arteriors was introduced with a clear emphasis on classical materials and begins its transition from a three-man accessoires business to a world leading supplier of high-end handcrafted lighting, furnishings, decorations and accor-des... Almost 30 years ago, Mark Moussa, one of the founders and artistic directors behind the label, put the business on a course of growth and ingenuity. His passion and sharp sense of fashion and trend put it on the road to growth.

Moussa has realized his vision of Arteriors and is now active in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia-Pacific and America.

Ateriors Lighting, Furniture & Home Decor

Arteriors designer Mark Moussa has his origins in the furniture sector and became an enthusiastic designer at an early age. 2. Through his education he also made invaluable contacts with craftsmen and designers from all over the globe. Moussa aims to provide the best of both worlds with every single Arteriors products, uniting a keen sense of reverence for traditions with the desire to research new designs.

Most of all, Moussa is a believer in the strength of attractive lighting, accessoires and furnishings to change interiors to make life more profitable, pleasant and pleasurable for true human beings. Led by this consequent, overall view, Arteriors Designer develops every year several hundred new designs. Like Moussa in his childhood and still today, they seek the inspiring environment, keep pace with the latest designs and immerse themselves in traditional styles.

Several of Arteriors' most important vendors have been working with the firm since its inception. Several of these connections can be traced back to the young Moussa's young father's early training and handling of great designs, which has proven to be so precious.

Since then Arteriors has been a member or industrial associate of a number of large design-focused organisations, including: Arteriors is anything but stagnating, even with a long story behind it. Indeed, the firm is distinguished by its innovative designs and the fresh look of its latest collection. Arteriors' collaboration with gifted hosts is another important expression of Moussa's commitment to ecumenism.

Selected not only to enhance Arteriors' own designs and prospects, but also to supplement and broaden them, these visiting artists give a company's collection new dimension that is neither lacking in terms of scope nor width. Arterior's visiting designer and her collection are there:

Arteriors in-house artist Barry Dixon, like Mark Moussa, has a profound feeling for international artistry. Like Moussa, Dixon values the best this heritage has to offer and sees many of his works as a "tribute" to great artists of the past and culture around the world.

Arteriors Barry Dixon Collection therefore brings a unique new turn to a well-known, highly valued string that permeates much of the company's production. Arteriors Jay Jeffers Collection includes a line of entertainment accessoires that combine style and aesthetics with practicality that promotes recreation and good times. Enjoy this collection in your home.

Arteriors founding director Mark Moussa himself is an enthusiastic landlord, so he described the cooperation with Jeffers as particularly rewarding and prolific. Laura Kirar finds inspirations in "art, philosophy, culture, architecture, fashions and nature" as someone who likes all shapes and sizes of it. "Kirar has repeatedly been praised for the emotional artistry of her designs, and her New York and Miami-based company has attracted keen customers from around the globe.

Kirar's love of detail is reflected in the love of detail that permeates her work, where apparently nothing is random. Kirar's trust in art also means that her creations never felt fake or overworked, with a simple and timeless inimitability that runs through the Arteriors Laura Kirar Collection.

Introduced in autumn 2010, the Arteriors Lisa Luby Ryan collection is both hot and stylish in a country-style yet sophisticated way, with styles inspired by such varied origins as wood window blinds and hand-carved in Corsica. Like so many Arteriors styles put a new face on trusted fundamentals, Smith's outputs often focus classic championship in slim, clear layouts with a distinctive touch of extra warmness.

The Veranda Journal named Smith one of the 25 most prominent interiors of the last 25 years, and the Arteriors Windsor Smith Collection shows how the right attitude to the classic can make them even more pertinent and suitable for contemporary houses. The Moussa and Arteriors design team always strives to understand and understand more and prides itself on working together with people.

In addition to top-class cooperations with top design artists such as those mentioned above, Arteriors is always looking for craftsmen all over the globe who can open up new opportunities with their own prospects and manufacturing methods. Arteriors keeps things always cool, ensuring that even the most traditionally original points of departure can produce unexpected new results.

Arteriors has developed and grown considerably over the years and today comprises three different labels. The Arteriors Home is the company's most comprehensive trademark and the flag ship for the customer. Arteriors Home showcases at each of the two high point markets each year several hundred new designs that are considered by many to be the most important in the world.

Home decorators can look forward to each new Arteriors Home line containing many items that anticipated the latest announcements of High Point's famous "Style Spotters". "At the same the Arteriors Home designer is constantly exploring new ways to transform classical designs into contemporary, refreshing shapes.

The Arteriors Home is a floor -covering and detailed range in all materials: leathers, woods, brass, chrome, steel, ceramics, glas, china or any other such. Gottega by Arteriors is the company's newest and in many ways the most advanced one.

As interest in custom-made products and other luminaires continues to grow, Mark Moussa decided in 2011 to close an ever larger crenel. Mottega places the strength of its designs directly at the buyer's disposal and has made a name for itself as a pioneer with a promising outlook.

arteroriors contract services professional clients and designer who want to develop their own labels. Whilst Arteriors has received much acclaim for its rigorous designs, Mark Moussa has always stressed that the company's relationship with its craft associates has been just as important to its continued prosperity. Arteriors Contract enables others to leverage this established worldwide manufacturing ecosystem under the leadership of the company's prestigious designs and other professionals.

With almost thirty years of experience, Arteriors is a proven trademark that has never stifled.

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