Art Workshop

Art Workshop

Throughout the year we offer a series of short courses and workshops, see Calendar & Prices for information. GROUPS - WORKSHOPS - ADULTS - CHILDREN'S EVENING - PARTY TIME. Fine Arts - Creative Writing - Italian Language - Artist-in-Residence - Faculty - Application/Costs - Accommodation - Events - Resources - Testimonials. un-drawing.

This is perfect for those who don't know where to start drawing. Younoung at Art offers art classes for children of all ages and adults in Lower Westchester.

Workshops - National Portrait Gallery

Start with our practical art workshop for the whole familiy on the third Saturday of each months under the direction of our group. Suited for couples with kids from 5 - 11 years. Get inspiration from our amazing collection by using different art material and media every months, from sound modeling to animated experimentation.

Family loves our workshops: It was something we would never have tried at home, but it was very basic technique that the kids would certainly like to try, we were very pleased with the show and the kids really did enjoy it!

Information on familiy art workshops:

Courses & Workshops

Throughout the year we offer a number of short courses and workshops, see Calendar & Prices. Juli Courses This program is the ideal way to immerse yourself in the visual art. Each of the four week in July, the student concentrates on a different subject, from the foundation to the figure, portrait, landscape or sculpture.

The full four wks can be chosen by artist and student by spreading their expertise and abilities throughout the months; or they can opt for a one or a set of wks to suit their needs and interests. July, Monday-Friday; one Week, 375-£400; two week, 725; three wards, 1,100; four wards, 1,300 pounds.

Celebration of Henry Yan London Workshops September 4 working nights draw, 3 more. Four hours of intense training for all tastes. The pupils are taught the basics of art work, the basics of art, the basics of working with gypsum prints and still lifes. The last part of the course offers the possibility to put these basic beliefs into practice.

One course for all tastes. Following a brief overview of the basics, the pupils are taught how to use the proportions and value in the portraiture models, from carbon to oils with a finite range of colours. Each work is based on the cast, with a multitude of brief drills and lasting postures.

Sculpting course Suitable for all tastes, pupils are taught how to work with sound and 3D. The work is done according to the portraits using casts. Figurative course All grades are welcome, the pupils get to know the basic principals of proportions, gestures, light-dark and color by means of the figurative models.

This is a 2-day still lifes and/or 4-day portraiture course in February that teaches the abilities of Alla Prima art. Half time in February, all stages allowed. This course begins with an overview of the basics before dealing in detail with color theory, composing and coloring. They work with a multitude of still lifes.

Scott Pohlschmidt, Director of the Lavender Hill Colours Art Shop, regularly holds 2-day, full-day and half-day work-shops. They are also held in cooperation with Rosemary & Co. Lavender Hill Colours can supply all the necessary material. Encouraging them to complement their study by taking the opportunity to attend exhibits and practise drawing in museuses.

The following Lavender Hill Colours titles are recommended, according to the course chosen.

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