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Hudson Art

Hudson River School of Art Trail Hikes. Throughout the summer, a wealth of works of art have been brought to Catskill, Hudson, Cold Spring and beyond. I have Ellen Quimby coordinating the Shawangunk Day art exhibition. He has already secured a number of local artists. However, there are other art sites, off the beaten track, which can be just as memorable for traveling art lovers.

Hudson Valley's best art venues

The Hudson Valley in New York has been a celebrated art harbour for the last two hundred years - no wonder, considering that the area with its gentle woods, hilltops and green riverbanks is close to the New York City area. Hudson River School' art movements began in the early nineteenth and the art community has continued to gain momentum ever since, attracting art enthusiasts with blockbusters such as the Stone King Art Center and Dia:Beacon, blended with vibrant artist communities, a sturdy culture calendars and lesser-known but more dignified art sites such as Art Omi and Opus 40.

Here we have selected only six of the largest art venues in the Hudson Valley for your art sanctuary.

The Hudson River School began to develop a strong American consciousness.

The Hudson River School began to develop a strong American consciousness. The Hudson River School of Painting has become very popular over the years, but also a time of darkness that has been revitalized time and again as it has been inspiring new generation of painters and painters along these banks and across the country.

Hudson River Painters may have migrated to the wilderness of today's Rockland and Putnam Counties on their way to Kaaterskill Falls and Catskills, but they began their pilgrimage in Manhattan. Musicians of all age groups still relish the splendour of our valley and its closeness to New York City as an important centre for art and cultural life.

Descendants of the Hudson River Painters entertain studio owners alongside photographs, carvers, dancers as well as performers along the river bank and hiding in the eastern and western rolling countryside. Learn about a Murals In The Hyde Park Post Office of Olin Dows, a Murals In The Hyde Park Post Office and take a virtual tour of the Murals at the Hyde Park Post Office.

They made an experience narrative about these journeys and then an actualized wall picture for each of the attended postal stations (Beacon, Ellenville, Hyde Park, Poughkeepsie, Rhinebeck and Wappingers) and provided the following footage.

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