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Art Students League of New York. Immerse yourself in your home of the best adult art courses in NYC! Are you looking for art courses that will inspire and fulfill you, then you've come to the right place. New York art class. Wednesday art workshop Introduction to embroidery:

First-class NYC art courses for all abilities and abilities

We have the right classes for you to learn all these media and more. Here are the best art classes in New York for all skill level in paintings, photographs, pottery and more. The SVA, as it is also called, is one of the best art academies in the state, offering a dozen further training classes on all conceivable topics of modern art.

Not only instructions for colouring, etc: There are also courses in art historiography, comparative study, videos and even art with gene technology! A few of the well-known performers who have come through there are Jackson Pollock, Norman Rockwell and Georgia O'Keeffe, and you can too! Lessons in paintings, sculptures and drawings provide the basics from drafting life sketches to the subtleties of colour theories.

The National Academy was opened in 1825, perhaps the oldest art academy in the United States, and while its past is indicative of traditions, the classes on offer are up to date in all imaginable media. When a name like Painting Lounge may sound like a place that's cool to you, then you're right!

Pauling Lounge is encouraging as long as it is not schnapps (they even offer mugs, a corkscrew and a refrigerator to keep the beer cold). Classes consist of a group of professionals who will guide you gradually through the reproduction of a work. Well-known for its speeches, concert performances and presentations, New York's best known arts centre is also part of the programme, covering everything from art education to watercolour.

From 1920-2003 Robert Blackburn was a legendary figure in the field of lithographic and gravure printing, and the cooperative he established in 1948 continued his heritage of supplying the know-how and tools to tackle the subtleties of printing tradition (stone lithographing, carving and engraving), even if you are a newcomer.

In BrickHouse's stress-free environment, you'll be taught the fundamentals of casting, enamelling and burning pots, regardless of your ability. In this joint laboratory and workshops the aim is to teach silkscreen for art and invention. Introductory classes will guide you through the fundamentals of stencil creation (both hand-cut and photosensitized), colour blending and the correct print process with a squeaker.

Included in the course are special training sessions for the print of T-shirts, wallpapers and stationery as well as high-speed four-colour print.

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