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Attractions in Phoenix, Arizona Phoenix. Tucson, Arizona Tucson Tourist Attractions. Attractions in Sedona, Arizona Sedona. The parks and tourist attractions in the Flagstaff region, Arizona are listed below. Pages in category "Tourist Attractions in Tucson, Arizona".

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So much to see and do in Arizona, you might have a tough timeframe to pick out that to learn. We' ve done a thorough search and compiled a full listing of the best, most tasty and impressive places to see while you're here. Arizona's fame as a foodies state is growing rapidly: The metropolis of Phoenix attracts interest for its flourishing grocery industry and Tucson's creative spirit makes it the first UNESCO city for gastronomy.

With over 80 artisanal beer producers throughout the state, we are well-known from grape to hop. Embracing Tucson to the East and the West is the Saguaro National Monument, the best place to see the soft cactuses for which the Sonoran Desert of Arizona is best known. Saguaro grows to 40-60 ft and their first "arms" do not spring until they are about 95 years old.

Are you a Western enthusiast, you've probably seen many of Monument Valley's great moments. Monument Valley, one of the most frequently taken places on the planet, is located in the Navajo Nation's area. The breathtaking limestone formation rises up to 1,000 ft above the ground and is characterised by lush, colourful sandy and rocks that contrast with the blue sky.

It is recommended to take a trip by car with a member of the Navajo people, but you can also go hiking or camping in the reserve. Arizona is a place of great interest to Arizonians and tourists and when you get there it will be quite clear why. Excursions by car are another way to discover the colourful area.

Rotate your gaze into the sky at nights with star-watching trips by expert astrographers.

Arizona Top Tourist Attractions

Top, most frequented Arizona attractions. Name Arizona and most travellers evoke wonderful vision of desert and cacti. While the tranquillity of the Sonoran Desert in the Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tucson areas offers so much adventures and activities in Arizona, there is a wide range of tourist attractions in so many unparalleled scenery.

And not to forget the almost unlimited diversity of Arizona National Parks and State Parks in Arizona. Arizona has attractions for every interest and holiday destination for children and grown-ups. Dense woods, high mountains, unbelievable seas, old Indians remains, wildlife zoo, national monuments and even skiing areas. Arizona attractions that have made it one of the most popular places in America.

Features like the Grand Canyon, Painted Desert, Monument Valley, Sedona, Oak Creek Canyon, solid Lake Powell and Slide Rock, one of the funniest places for aquatic relaxation in Arizona. Below is a listing of Arizona's most beloved attractions, which includes Arizona's attractions, wildlife and art.

National MonumentCatalina State ParkColossal Cave Mountain ParkDead Horse Ranch State ParkGlen Canyon Canyon Recreation AreaGrand Canyon National ParkHufeisen BendKartchner Caverns State Park.

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