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The state of Arizona is a treasure trove of great attractions and points, from the Sonoran desert to extensive lakes and Ponderosa pine forests. Arizona Hotel Deals: Discover the best hotels in Arizona. Are you looking for an isolated weekend trip for two or an adventure trip of several days for the whole family? You have our Arizona vacation packages covered. Best budget conscious bucket list girlfriend Getaway.

Top 8 Arizona Weekend Excursions (2018)

There is much more to Arizona than a ton sands, cactuses, and turbleweeds, which is why these eight places are the perfect excuse to take a week-end journey within the state. Sedona is one of Arizona's most popular cities as it is known worldwide for the celebrated reddish cliffs that surround the town.

You will find a number of scenic routes, nature parks and footpaths. Situated on the state borders of Arizona and Utah, it is one of the most scenic seas in the area. Strands are pristine and many visitors like to stay near the lakeside or hire a house boat to spend a few relaxing nights on the waters.

It really is a deserted haven that provides unparalleled landscapes as well as enjoyable outside pursuits such as angling, bathing and canoeing! Situated in the north of Arizona, this small hilltop city is the exact opposite of the deserts for which the remainder of the state is known. Pines, high peaks and crisp breezes are abundant in this part of the state and make for a fabulous outing.

Moreover, the Grand Canyon is only a few short hrs away and can be accessed with ease for a whole week. It is the ideal small city for a week-end, as it is small enough to have the feeling of "out of town", and large enough to explore all the picturesque little shops and small beer houses for a days or two.

One of the great things about the Grand Canyon is that it is only about four inches from Tucson and about half from Phoenix, so most people in Arizona are able to get there and back within a week-end. It is particularly attractive to see this wonder of nature in the summers, as the temperatures in this part of the country are much colder and so wonderful that it is hard to record it on video.

Originally built in the London Bridge, it was gradually moved to the shores of Havasu River in the early 1960' and has always been a favourite touristic area. Besides its historical value, this is also a favourite of the people of Arizona because it is a great site by the water and invites for bathing, boat trips and angling.

A small township in the Black Hills of Yavapai County, Jerome is a popular destination for travellers, thanks to its charming ambience, small streets and artistry. It is a great place for a week-end to escape the chaos of urban living and do a little walking, horse back-riding, angling and even spook hunt in the historical building and hotel.

The Monument Valley is another frontier tourist destination as it is located on the outskirts of Arizona and Utah.

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