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Everyday archaeological news and exclusive online features as well as articles from the current issue and previous issues. Newest tweets from Archaeology Magazine (@archaeologymag). Publication of the Archaeological Institute of America. Willtshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine Keep up to date with the latest discoveries and news in British archaeology by subscribing to the best-selling British archaeology magazine. Willtshire Archaeological and Natural History Magazine.

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Full-text newsletters, press releases and select longer contributions from previous editions from 1996 to the present are available free of charge as well as summaries of other sections and feature-books. Previous editions of ARCHAEOLOGY magazine retain old-fashioned essays that are as compelling and interesting today as they were then. Trade now before the desired editions are out of stock!

Become a class-room educator and use ARCHAEOLOGY magazine in your lessons today. ARCHAEOLOGY magazine supports you with current contents and information illustrations:

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You know anyone who likes archaeology? An annual membership of British Archaeology, the magazine of the UK's premier archaeology organisation, is the ideal gift. It' suitable for anyone who likes to delve further into our past - whether they want to watch the latest archeological TV documentations, visit historical monuments or dig at antique places!

Birthday, Christmas, graduations, thanks - whatever the occasion, sign up for the British Archaeology Magazine today! Posted by archeologists and historicists looking at the present and something about the past, it is the biggest, lightest, most forward-looking and spoke about the British Archaeology Magazine ever publish. Featuring frequent contributions from the UK's foremost archeologists and the latest breaking stories, British Archaeology is a frequent contributor:

At the same time as enjoying the advantages of British Archaeology magazine, support CBA's commitment to improving archaeology's consciousness and pleasure for the good of all and securing its continued existence. "I made some archeological presentations on the BBC - it seemed like a good concept because I always had an interest in our forebears and what they may have had.

I' m really excited to be reading about other rural life before we did, and I'll always try to get the magazine."

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