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ARBOR PLACE (141 Shops) - Shops in Douglasville, Georgia GA 30135 Find Arbor Place in Douglasville, Georgia with 141 stores - Scroll down for Arbor Place purchasing information: listing, location, opening times, contacts and addresses. Adress and Locations: 6,700 Douglas Boulevard, Douglasville, Georgia - GA 30135. Tell others what you think and add a mall review and ratings for Arbor Place.

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The mall is fine, but the only thing that comes to my head is "mediocre". It' discreetly dimensioned and doesn't really have the half-empty, depressive feeling that many shopping centres have today. I' ve come here halfway on a regular basis to run in poor conditions, so you could say it's a respectable number.

There' s a lot of shops: Looks like all the regular shops are here, really. They' ve got annoying hussies at the newsstands all over the mall. Still, it has just about everything you need from a mall. The Arbor Place Mall is a respectable place. and Forever 21.

I' ve decided to go on to other shops, otherwise I'd never see the whole shopping centre. So I went to the grocery place to see. But many shopping malls are toilets this way. I' ve been walking all over the mall. This place is really beautiful. Then I went to Forever 21 and adored the different areas and the different dimensions of the shop.

Then I went to Ulta in search of the spot. This mall is an ordinary shopping mall. Don't patronise this place! To use Sprint, go to the shop in Chapel Hill Rd. That place went to hell. But it was always occupied and the shops were lovely and it was a great place to come and do whatever.

Shops are always shut down and the other half is dilapidated and has not really been kept up to date because there is no real market for them. They still have their bases like Dillards, Macy's and so on, but many of the other shops have just shut down. Usually I avoid the city centre, this place has just dropped its look and it doesn't really seem like anyone is taking care of it.

Man, this place is getting worse. It' a beautiful shopping mall. This mall is neat, and everyone's so kind and welcoming. That place is great. Usually I don't like shopping centers, but Arbor Place is different. It' never really full (at least when I go) and the only clotheshop I go to is there ("Fashion to Figure").

You have all the typical store folks buy on inclusively shoes stores and stores but also have Sephora, Ulta, Bath and Body Works and various restaurants. but it almost seems like the shopping centers don't usually have one here. It' a very pretty shopping mall.

As you walk through the front entrance, you immediately come across a selection of beautiful shopping centres for your little ones. Elevators (Jack and JIll as compared to East and West) are next to the prams, so the system is very effective. You have the key anchor (JC Penney, Macy's, Dillard's, Belk and Sears), but I realized that the Dillard's and Macy's were smaller than the shops I often visit, but they were very neat and organised and the support was great.

This is a generous and roomy dining area, but without the comfortable seats you'll find at North Point. You really need to think about putting healthy nutritional choices on your meal. One of the things I love about this shopping centre is the carpeting, but I want to see them fully padded seats for added comforts.

It' s great to stop and relax for a moment, especially when I need to make a call or change my shopping. The shopping centre is very large and included many of the traditional shopping centres with the except for a few, such as the very large Ulta near the frontdoor.

You have a beautiful theater and I was really amazed to see that as soon as you go beyond the pay screen, you walk into a large area with eating desks. My husbands information is that these are now part of the norm in the food service area and have been available for a long while.

Eventually we went to a bookshop, which reminds us of the time when they were still regularly in the mall. It' been a lovely way to interrupt the groceries. I' m definitely going to this mall. That mall is full of safety. I' ve not seen "this element" in this mall, but I could be mistaken.

Same old shops, same old mall. is there should be more folders, so you know where stores are if you are not acquainted with the mall. There' s a coat, there' s sars, there' s jc penny, there' s macy and there' s old navy and there' s ultimat. It' an amazing mall, I like it better than ever before. There are no places like L'Cumberland on the mall, but there are also nearby places to eat and a Chic Es Cese.

It' a good meal, there's nothing to celebrate, but they got a Johnny rocket. The Arbor Place is a funky mall. Quite a good selection of shops, but not 5-star worth. Might also need some additions/improvements in the lunchroom. It' a good place to do some grocery stuff otherwise.

Loving this mall. Makes me think of Cumberland, but much less congested. I am a giant trainers as often I can assess miles on the basis of diversity of sneakers shop. They have a cinema and a Johnny rocket. It' a lovely shopping mall.

They' re creating new businesses to give a little more pleasure to the shoppers. The children are enjoying the playground in the lunch and dinner courts and the corduroy-drop. I' d go past the big shopping centres to do all the shopping here. And there' s a shopping centre and many streetside dining.

This is a great place because it is comfortable and I always have a place in the nearby car park. This mall isn't too mallish. It' always light and clear when I've had to come here, which doesn't happen very often. I' m afraid my reason for visiting this mall is very rare.

Although I reside nearby, there is really no diversity of shops here. The most are clothes stores that are for teenagers who are of zero interest to me. If you don't try to have lunch there on a Saturday afternoons, the meal will be fine, as you won't find a place.

All I ever come here for is the Regal Cinema, which is at one end of the mall. It would be a better mall if they had a better choice of shops, but the way it is, it's just fine. I' ve been to this mall a few occasions and every case I have to go to the toilet, the stands are absolutely gross.

We kindly ask you to keep the bathroom cleaned on a regular basis. Baths and Body Works is actually separated from the candles shop, as it was in the 1990s and early 2000s. It' really sweet, the candleshop. Knowledge of the fundamentals of the food cours. ARCHES eyebrows place, not the newsstand, has great threader. AMC Theatre is nice because this is a small city with a small shopping centre.

There' s also a single type of Ultra, the only one that exists. This is the first visit I recently made to Arbor Place, just a few trips from Six Flags from the I-20 in Douglasville, GA. The Arbor Place has a very singular and almost bizarre architectural style. These range from the apparel trade to household goods, restaurant and cinema.

A thing I like that this mall has a roofed propulsion that's great for letting folks out or charging when it rains. Notice that Atlanta has a multitude of possibilities, some that have higher stop stores, but if you don't want to be dealing with the masses and traffics and the stores you are looking for are at Arbor Place, I would certainly commend it.

I' m visiting this mall about once a months during the year. On the second level on the back of the restaurant is the game area. It' well thought out and a beautiful place for the little ones, especially in bad weathers. I' d just like them to put up signs restricting foods, fluids and playthings in the area.

Groceries and fluids cause consternation in young kids who do not realize that the meal is not meant for them.

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