Arbor place Mall

The Arbor Square Mall

The only regional shopping center serving the growing western suburbs of Atlanta, Arbor Place Mall is located in Douglasville, Georgia, in Douglas County. You have a variety of shops, but this mall is kept at a very unpleasant temperature. Store at Macy's Arbor Place, Douglasville, GA for women's and men's clothing, shoes, jewellery, make-up, furniture, home decor. These are not the only sites in the dreams of mall developers and retailers. He was gunned down by Brink's security guard and suspect during an attempted robbery of the Arbor Place shopping mall.

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The Arbor Place Mall, the only local shopping center directly serves the expanding west outskirts of Atlanta, is in Douglasville, Georgia, in Douglas County. The Mall of Georgia in Buford, which opened in 1999 and is also Georgia's biggest mall, was initially intended to be established by Dillard's, Parisian, Sears and Upton's.

Upton's necklace was collapsed before the mall opened, but the deal to construct the shop was still in place, which led to an empty tie when the mall was opened. In 2001 the necklace collapsed and again exited the mall with a free anchorage. This two-story mall was very popular and was the first to take high-end purchases to an area that was undersupplied.

Rich's, long scheduled to open at the mall, eventually opened in 2004 as Rich's-Macy's, one of only two shops that were hyphenated. The Arbor Place Mall was constructed by CBL & Associates and is still held by CBL & Associates. Arbor Place Mall also forces a YEP (Youth Accompanying Policy), which says that young people under 17 years of age must be escorted by an adult on Friday and Saturday evenings after 6 pm.

That was true for the whole shopping centre and will be rigorously implemented.

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