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The Metropolitan Opera with its wonderful opera and museums, )ff of course there are so many things to buy that it is not possible not to buy things, and you can buy any plate or you want it. This town has everything. in Amo Nueva York!

You have to meet him, it's a charming town full of surprises! It' s unbelievable, a little dirty, but it's what you'd expect from such a big city. The city is full of history, modernity and there are so many cultures around you that it is impressive! Oh, I like New York!

You must meet him, it is a delightful town full of unpleasant surprises! It' s astonishing, a little bit messy, but it's what you'd think of a big town. This town is full of past, present and there are so many civilizations around to yours that is awesome!รข

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New York and Riviera Maya from ?1,293.

The New York metropolitan area is an internationally renowned place that has been constructed on the backs of migrants and their heirs. It is home to eight million residents and welcomes more than 50 million tourists a year. Their New York Downtown trip should contain a sample of 100's of different civilizations, and you can discover them easy on feet, by cab or by the renowned rail.

The Statue of Liberty, a present from the population of France to the Americans, is a universally valid icon of liberty and the city's most icon. The Wall Street functions as the core of big buisness and is the home of the New York Stock Exchange. With the Empire State House towering above the Big Apple as the city's second highest structure, the Chrysler House dominating the area.

The United Nations is close by, with views of the East River and the Grand Central Terminal, one of the most busy railway terminals in the run. You can' t make a New York tour without a trip to Times Square. If you take his signs, his many humans and his meal, then you traverse the Central Park, which covers 850 hectares of ponds and pastures, where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of the town.

Although Manhattan is home to most of the city's symbols, each district has a distinct and unmistakable character that is well-deserved. There is something for everyone, from the historical Brooklyn to Queens internationally cuisines. First and foremost, New York is a place to have a good time and be pampered.

The city has everything for everyone: architectural, artistic, cuisine, amusement, retail. == SYNCHRO E=700= 8 TH AVENUE 10036 NEW YORK NY USA ==

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