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An-arbor regent hotel and suites. Locate and contact local wedding locations in Ann Arbor, MI with prices, packages and availability for your wedding ceremony and reception. Are you looking for a cheap wedding location in Detroit / Ann Arbor or other parts of Michigan? Locate affordable Michigan wedding venues below. Locate local wedding venues and wedding receptions in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Thirteen unique wedding venues in the Ann Arbor area

An Arbor is characterised by his uniqueness, his story and his idiosyncratic temper. Happiness for all our couple in the area means more than just a few breathtaking wedding venues. Take a look at our top selection, look at some breathtaking photographs of our native wedding planners and begin to plan your wedding of your dreams today. Situated on the Michigan University of Michigan University' premises, the Michigan League and Michigan Union are available for events rent.

The two venues are ideal places for weddings and weddings as they have different rooms for sitting meetings, dinner, dancing and much more. We wish you good fortune in selecting which one you would like to hire for your wedding! We can' t get enough of the league ballrooms and court gardens. Rust Belt Market is a market place, event location and pub in the centre of Ferndale.

It is a stylish and country-style room with a metal panel, a bow and sparkling strings. You can also hire the Revel Bars, a 1000 square meter full serviced lounge next to the lobby. Each year UMMA holds nearly 20 marriages in its 93,000 square meter institution in the heart of the University of Michigan University' atrium.

In addition, there may be open art gallery for your events to allow a personal visit! Misty Farm, part of Frutig Farms, allows you to celebrate your dream wedding in the back yard without having to sacrifice your own back yard or buy a shed. Only six leagues from the city centre, on an area of 16 hectares, you will find a place for a marquee and a historical, renovated shed with room for a group, dance and food.

Kerrytown Concert Haus is a favourite wedding ceremony location in Ann Arbor, a renovated Victory Hall in the historical Kerrytown district of the city. This means that it is only a few minutes' walk from other receiving points in the city centre! It has a room for a little over 100 people and the Steinway C pianos and advanced soundsystem are also available.

Sunset Cove is the ideal backdrop for your wedding. There is a lakeside and a beautiful chalet with a max. seating for 100 people. Several of our favourite Sunset Cove wedding pictures will be taken during an open-air tent party with more people and more glimpses of the area!

Henry Ford has three different venues for events and weddings, but by far the most outstanding is the Henry Ford Building of American Innovation. There are four different areas, among them the historical theatre and a classical patio. Inside, an indoor show in the square will be one of the highlight of the museum's collections, among them a breathtaking one!

One of the most famous botanical garden in the area, the Botanical Garden Matthaei is a wonderful place for every kind of events. Perhaps our favourite place, the inside greenhouses area, can accommodate up to 100 people at any season for an informal party. Situated in the historical Walker Building in the centre of Ann Arbor, this popular open-air exhibition provides a venue for private meetings and medium-sized parties.

The Michigan Theatre may be Ann Arbor's emblem for movies, gigs and other lives hows, but did you know you can hire the room for your wedding? In the historical Hauptauditorium, in the projection room or in the new 60-seater Annex Cinema, a wedding will turn your big event into a breathtaking staging.

The Vinology Wine Bar and Restuarant is always a cosy place to eat in downtown Ann Arbor, but it will be even better if it is decorated for your wedding! We have three rooms and all three can be hired together for up to 100 people. Perfect for an intimate wedding party, supper, reception and dancing area, we really enjoy this great choice!

St. John's Inn has three different venues, but for the most unusual and unforgettable functions we suggest the Atrium. It is an idyllic landscape perfect for your private, open-air and indoors. In the midst of the heat of the courtyard chimney and amidst the garden, you and up to 185 people can enjoy dancing outdoors or relaxing in front of another chimney and a cosy atmosphere.

When you' re in sweet fall in love with your Ann Arbor wedding location, call her in the commentaries below!

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