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Booking the best day trips from Anaheim, CA directly on TripAdvisor and take the stress out of the planning. From Anaheim, you can visit the major Californian cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. May' is the perfect month for a Catalina day trip. Celebrate your trip in Anaheim United States with fun activities today. A day trip from Anaheim is a great way to extend your Disneyland holiday.

Buena Park & Anaheim Top 10 Day Tours & Excursions (w/prices)

Enjoy the best of Los Angeles on this customisable trip from Anaheim. Feel the fun, insightful comments from your kind rider and discover the top..... Everyone on board for an all-day quest in SeaWorld San Diego, one of the world's leading naval amusement arcades! Visiting the world-famous San Diego Zoo to see where the world's biggest wildlifearium is located.

The LEGOLAND® California is designed for more than 60 amusement parks, shows and sights! Anaheim is a day out in Tijuana for some food, drinks and cultural activities. From Anaheim Resort, Buena Park Resort, Newport Beach, take a day tour of up to 6hrs.

You can take this privately up to ten (10)... You can do it with this ultimative bicycle ride! You will be transferred to or from San Diego SeaWorld and Anaheim or Buena Park Resort. Up to ten (10) persons can book this one-way-visit.

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Anaheim is the largest part of the Los Angeles region, if you are interested in day trips from the Anaheim area. Mediaeval times: It' a whole familys dining showplace. Included in the show are "knights on horseback", a princess and a full-fledged supper - you eat with your hand - according to mediaeval cuisine.

Pirate's dinner adventure: This dinner show has the motto "Pirates" and has a very large platform with millions of gallon of running waters as its major attractions. The Newport Beach Fashion Island - This is a fashionable retail area in the Newport Beach area with several places to eat such as the Cheesecake Factory.

On Christmas, Newport Airport has one of the highest Christmas tree decorations in America. The Balboa Pier is also located in the area of Newport Island. It has a beautiful children's sandy area and is one of the places where you can take a boat to Avalon/Catalina Island. The Huntington Beaches - This is a family-friendly area.

The main street is full of bars, cafes and bars. Long Beach - home of the Queen Mary and the Pacific Aquarium, along with other touristic sites, many of which are touring. The Laguna Beach is only a few minutes drive away and is well suited for dining and business as well as for a good view of the sea.

The Beachhouse is a beachhouse where you can have your meal or supper at dusk. Timecula Style Country - You can go from Anaheim to the Temecula Style Country for a taste of it. SeaWorld, LEGOLAND, San Diego Zoo and San Diego Zoo Safari Park (formerly known as Wildlife Park) are also close to Anaheim.

It is also nearby, in Temecula, south Riverside County.

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