Amtrak Nyc to Hudson Ny

Hudson Ny from Amtrak Nyc

You can also take a look at the Hudson line on the Metro North timetable page: Between the Hudson Valley and the Adirondack Mountains and beyond, see everything you can love in New York State. For NYC area specific bus operators click here. Photo file by Tony Adamis. Adirondack travels daily from New York City through the lush wine country of the Hudson Valley to Montreal.

Amtrak v Metro Nord to Poughkeepsie Station - New York City Forum

What is the better and more convenient way to travel from New York to Poughkeepsie Stations? I took the Metro North to Poughkeepsie, but I only used Amtrak from Boston. Metro-Nord were quite good and on schedule from and to Poughkeepsie. Metro -Nord departure from Grand Central Terminal and Amtrak departure from Penn St..

The Grand Central Terminal was very thrilling for a ride on a railroad. The Penn Station isn't that appealing, if it makes any big deal for you. I am quite sure that they both are following the same road along the Hudson, so the views are the same for both of them.

But I know it's a lot less money to buy a bus pass before getting on the Metro -Nord rail. There' a lot more Metro North and they' re a lot less fancy. You' ll need to make Amtrak reservations in advanced, but for Metro North, just drop by, buy your tickets (at the ticketing desk or at a machine) and get in.

When you leave New York, both should be on schedule, as you will enter at the departure point. Metro North would be more dependable for your re-entry, as its train starts in Poughkeepsie, but Amtrak train services come from much further away, so there is a much greater chance of lateness. Provided they are on schedule, Amtrak moves should be a little faster because they have fewer stations.

Whatever you do, try sitting on the lefthand going up (and on the right side on your return) for great vistas right along the Hudson River. It' about 85 minutes to Amtrak and 110 minutes to Metro North. Amtrak climbs up the west side of Manhattan and then on the same rails used by Metro North from the Bronx.

I' d definitely use Metro North on the way back to Manhattan, as Auden says, but going there, if the budgets are really no problem, I think it just hinges on whether Penn Stations or Grand Central are more comfortable for you. In the Metro Nord, your tickets are good on every trains for the kind of tickets you buy (peak or off-peak).

At Amtrak, your tickets are only valid for one particular turn, so make sure you don't miss them!

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