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City of Amsterdam Day Trip

The Museumplein and the Amsterdam Shield. Dinner in a brown café - with Indonesian food! Discover the canals of Amsterdam on foot. The Museumplein and I Amsterdam sign. A day in Amsterdam is often how much time the people in Amsterdam have.

Seeing the best of Amsterdam in one day (2018)

What can you see in Amsterdam in just one day? Here is the route we have made and used to see the best of the Dutch capitol, from the museum to the canal to the restaurant. It is said that all good things must stop, and this includes our marvellous navigation on the Rhine. A lot of our fellow shipwrights went directly to the airfield, but as a world-class town in itself, we thought Amsterdam at least needed a little bit of publicity before we left for the CIT.

Besides... how can you really appreciate a world-class town like Amsterdam in one day? I' ve been thinking seriously for month about this Amsterdam dilemma: Now, I have found out which of the town' s delights I can see, not least thanks to the reflective advise of our Flemish boyfriend Farieda. They nodded to the day harbour as always, with the addition of regional specialities such as tasty homemade cheese, black loaf and red onbijtkoek (a pastry made from rice meal and herbs such as clove, sweetheart, gingerbread and nutmeg).

We were so thrilled to see Amsterdam, we were happy that we had enough free rein to enjoy some of these delights before our planned depart. At 9:30 a.m. (how typical Dutch!) a cab came to take us to our hotels. We' d thought about hiring bikes, but Farieda had discouraged it because we didn't know the town well.

It' very insecure to be reading a card while driving through the town. First place was the Rijksmuseum, a world-class open-air exhibition of the greatest collections of Netherlandish arts in the whole wide range, created by such renowned painters as van Ruysdael, Hals, Vermeer, Steen and Rembrandt. It is the newest symbol of the town and an essential stop for many people, although I don't know how to make a self-ie.

Meanwhile it was lunch time and so we drove to Leidseplein, a bustling place full of cafes, which is only a few steps away from the musees. You are the oldest spirits producer in the word and have been producing liquors in Amsterdam since 1575! It was enticing for us to go in, especially as the trip ends at the Mirror Bar, where barkeepers will be mixing every drink you make in front of your face.

There is also the possibility of learning the arts of playing air (think of Tom Cross in'Cocktail') and shopping at the Bolshop. We found an adorable channel a few steps away, surrounded by willows.... and were standing on the viaduct for a few minutes to relax. Cruisers among us who show their customers the best of Amsterdam from the sea.

There is a stand next to the viaduct where you can buy your ticket for a trip across the Channel through Amsterdam. This cruise is a top destination in the town, so you need a reservation. Get your pre-dinner ticket for an after-lunch outing. We' re setting our trip at 2:00. Dinner in a coffee shop - with local cuisine!

In Leidseplein we started looking for a typical holland cafe. Brussels (brown) cafes are to Amsterdam, what bars are to London. Coffee bars are as much a part of the town' s charms as the channels, the buildings and other well-known sight. Belgians as well as Hollanders are eating friedjes with mightonnaise, so of course we had to try it.

Incidentally, the taste of Mayonnaise differs from that in the USA, and although it comes from Malaysia and Indonesia, it is very much appreciated in the Netherlands. Once ruled much of Southeast Asia, the Netherlands East India Company returned many of Asia's exquisite cuisine.

With Amsterdam full of channels, a channel trip is an excellent way to explore the city: Fortunate traders excavated a barrel of it in the seventeenth during the heyday of the Netherlands (also known as the Golden Age of the Netherlands). Amsterdam's channels are also a UNESCO Cultural Patrimony. Striking house boats and small, adjoining houses line the scenic channels wherever you look.

We would recommend just one thing you have to do, then it would be a trip on the Amsterdam Canals! Irrespective of how much you explore on foot, you get a totally different view of the town from a single ferry. You can either take a hop-on-hop-off boot or a scheduled trip back to the starting point.

View various touristic leaflets for available discounts or see a checklist of cruising opportunities..... The old cobblestone roads run between Herengracht, Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht, three channels that Farieda should not miss. Some of the most attractive old buildings in Amsterdam surround the Canal.

When you want to have a feeling of genuine living in Amsterdam. It is full of classical seventeenth and eighteenth centuries architecture with cosy courtyards and alleys littered with traditional stores, picturesque pubs and traditional cafes. In the Jordaan there are also two of the Amsterdam symbols that we both wanted to see:

The Anne Frank Building and the 400-year-old Lutheran Netherlands Lutheran Chapel of St. Anne. A lot of Flemish artists are dead in the cathedral, among them Rembrandt. It was Anne Frank's place on Dan's agenda. Throughout World War II, Anne Frank, her wife and four other persons hid from Nazis pursuit in the back of the sewer building from the seventeenth cent.

She was unsuccessful in the end, but she became known in 1947 when her blog was out. The booking was made early and we have to pay separately for an information service that covers the Frank family's lives and years. Next we were taken to the next house where the Frank familiy had been hiding for two years during the conflict.

On the lower levels are photographs, exhibitions and video clips about Anne, her families, the Holocaust and the Wars. We' ve been saving it for our next trip, but if you want to spend a day in Amsterdam for two, this is a must. It was all flushed down a draught of holland beers.

Teach yourself how to make bitter bales and croquettes, and you can use up scraps, as traditional Dutch mothers do. The next stop (by tram) was Dam square, Amsterdam's main place where the Royal Palace is now. It is one of the most famous places in Amsterdam. We were too far behind to visit the Royal Palace, but we could still take pictures of the National Monument and Nieuwe Kerk (New Church).

Buyers should definitely pay a call on De Bijenkorf ("The Beehive"), the first shopping mall in Amsterdam. The notorious Red Light District in Amsterdam is one of the most famous touristic places in the city. Generally, Amsterdam is secure, but if you don't like it at nights, you can take a guide like this one.

Amsterdam's nocturnal splendour is not restricted to the fluorescent tubes in the Red Light District. His homes and footbridges are nicely illuminated after nightfall. If we had thought of it, we would have ended our day in Amsterdam with an evenings channel trip.

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