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Embark on a culinary journey with food, wine and beer from coast to coast, all in an American setting. Any reviews late at night pancakes cronut steak potatoes salad French fries sandwiches pizza American cuisine ate here opening hours all you can eat large portions nyny vegas casino. Help thousands of men, women and children overcome obstacles to a safe, healthy and productive life in New York City and the greater New York area. I' m CreditLuke Sharrett for The New York Times. Nothing is better than a day in the life of New York City, and there is no better way to appreciate it than from above.

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Americas - 597 photos & 482 votes - American (New) - 3790 Las Vegas Blvd S, The Strip, Las Vegas, NV - Restaurant ratings - Phone number - Menu

We' re having our breakfasts here this Christmas week-end. It is not the dining or the personnel that is the major attractions of this place, but a huge USA card on the walls with all the state' s heroes. The grand prize was ~$37. 00 The place is open 24/7. The meal was off-the-shelf breakfasts. So we went to the America Café because it was open 24h and we had already seen doughnuts in the front of the shop window when we checked into the motel.

It' s a funny lay-out of the place. There is a large sitting room and a giant 3-D card of America on the mural. I really wanted to eat desert, but our waitress said they only had two of the ten that time. That' quite odd, since they are a 24-hour facility.

Approximately 30 mins later I turned to my man and said: "If they don't take us our lunch in the next five mins. I'll go back to the room and order room services instead. Indeed, one of the married men at a desk near us had asked to talk to a supervisor and then had a conversation with him about the low-speed work.

Dinner was all right. I' d suggest going to Starbucks in the vestibule or ordering some room services before I'd ever come back for dinner. Staple but good. We' dined once and it was a good time. It was a great time.

We' ve ordered a few coffees at the bar. The Americas is the 24-hour hotel and casino at the NY NY Hotel and Casino. Before the Vegas Strong Benefit Concert in the stadium, I had supper near here. It was almost empty. I had the thought that it would be just as thoughtful if the place was half full.

I' ve got the New York Nights - choco sticks with choco macquoise and raspberries sauce on a small batt. It is a fairly good 24-hour coffeeshop with an additional extra benefit of a subject that attracts attention everywhere. It' a terrific place. It' was here before my visit to Las Vegas in 2001 and is in New York, New York.

It' s a typically American meal (no play on words intended) and everything I've had over the years has been just right. They' re selling donuts and cupcakes and the coffees are great. If you need dinner and it's 2am, go on foot to'America' in New York!

During my last Vegas journey I spent my morning working here with people. Meal and services were the definitions of just ok. and sausages and cookies. You could say the same about my friends' meals.

I' d be eating here again if I lived in NYNY, but it's definitely not a place to go. You will find a wide selection of classic US dinner favourites. It was a good quality product, the good things were great and the price was good. We' ve been here a few time while in Vegas, and it's a good place for a 24-hour meal with a wide area.

We were actually at the New York hotels this year, so we had our breakfasts here on the last night of our sojourn. It' s adorable inside with the prevailing décor is the huge card on the wall and the top of..... you guess it, America! I' had a baguette and my man had roast steaks of chickens.

Both were large, full platters of good, quickly prepared foods. I' d come back in the near term, especially if I were living in this place. Eating is big and bad for my health and exactly what I would wish for if I was hung over. In America I had my breakfasts with my five-member relatives (husband, mum and two children).

The five of us have the whole range of flavours and likes when it comes to having our breakfasts, so the fact that we were enjoying our food is a good place to be. There was a big round roundtable in the back of the canteen. Honestly, I was quite amazed at the scale of the place.

If you come in, the place is quite spacious. Let's go to dinner..... The serving size was just and the meals came out quickly. When we were there, some kind of building work was going on right in the building of the building, which was interesting. All in all, this is a comfortable place to have a dinner if you stay at the NYNY Hotel for several nights.

During an earlier trip here we ate during supper and I gave the overall event a 3, but on our first mornings in New York, New York, we tried it out for breakfasts, which always seemed to be positive. I ordered the corned beef hash and eggs for our breakfasts.

Excellent breakfasts and large servings. Open 24/7, this is New York's New York based online gaming venue. Servicing was sluggish, as the place only had about 5 other desks. It' a little pricey and the meal tastes a little sober. They' re just like a five-star-waiter.

Beautifully maintained and very well educated team. Recommended for a good and inexpensive meal. A great place for breakfasts, good services and a beautiful choice. I' m a fussy grocer...but this was actually a great place to start a Vegas out. Attractive services, good coffees, good food, a relaxing atmosphere...not great...but good. and sometimes good is good enough.

I' had my favourite egg Benedikt and my man cookies and sauce with a custardonut. We' re all right and we' re all set for Vegas time. It' by far my favourite place in Vegas. I' ve gone twice for breakfasts and then for dinners. You like Rachel Ray at $40 a fucking dollar a mile.

It was surprising how generously the servings here for breakfasts were with yesterday's rates. They made my New York codd away with a surprise. It was so good, but a good cup of tea made up for it. A great conversational meal, especially if you're having your own breakfasts. She came here for breakfasts. Had the Benedict familyrun.

It was a southerly variation of Benedict's primal balls. Benedict was accompanied by a wholesome dose of potato pancakes and a small bilberry cupcake. Decoration in the eatery was quite breathtaking and really enjoyable! The meal was really good!

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