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The Amazon on the world map

Summary: The location of the Amazon. Locate, facts, the best time to visit, a map and more. Which is the Amazon rainforest? What is the location of the Amazon rain forest? This page allows you to find out where the Amazon is.

On this page is part of our rain forest-serie. For more information about the world's rain forests, please see our Rain Forest home page. For more information about the Amazon rain forest, please see our Amazon rain forest page.

Which is the Amazon rain forest? Amazonia's rain forest is in South America. To see exactly where, use the Amazon rain forest map below. Forests are the deepest part of the country, covering most of the country. This rain forest is in the Amazon basin.

That'?s the area that flows into the Amazon. More about the Amazon Basin can be found at the bottom of the page. In what land is the Amazon rainforest in? Amazonia's rainforest is not just in one land. The largest part of the Amazon rainforest is in the first 3 lands in the following listing.

Amazon, the rainforest, lies in the vicinity of the river. Amazon rainforest occupies most of the Amazon River basins. The area that flows into a river is a pool. Finally, the Amazon River flows into the Amazon. With an area of 7,050,000 kmĀ², the Amazon basins are the world' s biggest basins.

There are many affluents in the Amazon. The smaller brooks and brooks finally end up in the Amazon. The Amazon is the world' s biggest river in terms of the amount of rain. The Nile is competing with it for the name " the longest river in the world ". Researchers are arguing about how to measure the length of the river.

Amazonia is a' tropical' rain forest. That means it's in a tropic area. The Tropics are near the Ecuador. Worldmap with the aquator (green line), the Tropic of Cancer (upper gelbe line) and the Tropic of Capricorn (lower gelbe line). In the Amazon rain forest there are about 16,000 different trees.

Amazonia's rainforest is twice the area of India. Hopefully you liked to find out where the Amazon rainforest is. Here you can find out more about the world' s rain forests, or find out more about the Amazon rainforest.

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