Amazing Restaurants in new York

Astonishing restaurants in New York

In spite of its name as a steakhouse, the restaurant is known for its tender and juicy mutton chop, a sparkling piece of mature roast lamb. It' not that the steak is anything to ignore - the massive Prime Porterhouse is still one of the best pieces of beef in town. The Daily Provisions serves the best donut in New York City. Our restaurant guide is right for every budget if you want to visit New York City and learn more about the best restaurants. Dine well in New York City with the perfect food for every appetite.

Top 100 Restaurants in NYC You must try

New Yorkers are spoilt with the best restaurants in NYC when it comes to cuisine. Featuring an infinite selection of lively restaurants, well-worn guards and quaint restaurants, we are never Gothamites without tasty meals to order in the city. So, when we had to limit the 100 best restaurants in New York City, we knew it wouldn't be an eas job.

However, we have set to work, from the best restaurants in Italy and the best local Sushi to the best Michelin star lets and presents the best of the best. These are the 100 best restaurants without which we - and New York itself - cannot survive. Daniel Humm, the head of Gramercy's cuisine, is still the head cook of this gem, which began as a brass band before becoming one of the rarest and most advanced restaurants in the town.

It is a famous church and the room is one of the most magnificent in the town. Over the past ten years, New York restaurants have seen a change in paradigms in seismology, overthrowing the Old World Restaurant's classics and turning the chef s' champions of open-air eating in informal settings into conquerors. However, Le Bernardin - the pristine sanctuary of shellfish from France - managed to survive the shock intact.

The Gilbert and Maguy Le Coze siblings moved their Paris-based Gotham in 1986, and the establishment has retained its fame for many years. Masa Takayama, the world-famous food cook, came to New York and offered the most costly food event in the town' s ancestry. It is Takayama who makes every present perfectly bite-sized, then puts it on a round shale, you almost have it out of his hand, and the susphi seems to mel in your mouth. 2.

For some serious connoisseurs, this procedure is an invaluable one. It is a unique New York adventure that pays off. Daniel Boulud's classic sumptuously sumptuously redesigned 21th c. by Adam Tihany. It is as crisp as the décor with unusual large shellfish starters.

Daniel is still a great man, but Boulud and his side are a strong argument for maintaining the high-end game. One of the best in town, the laboriously made Naples cakes - thin crusts with a pleasant character and a fine Parmesan vinegar - are freshly prepared several days a year.

Grámercy is the place that made Danny Meyer from an inviting restorer to a full-fledged presario, made Tom Colicchio a celebrity and introduced a city-wide distribution of laid-back but sophisticated US restaurants. Following centuries of New York Suzhi this one-stop Little Tokyo twitches the screenplay, and his vengeance is a Nigeriri best serving chilled and old (Ginza Hws to edomaezushi).

Do it through the reservation bell to get entry to David Chang's chef's minimum 12-seater seat. An ever-expanding meal can contain meals like uncooked chance, in an envelope of spicy, soft butter milk, poppies and sricha chilli sauces. It' awaited by the restauranteur to serve more nice pence.

The mega watt talented Enrique Olvera is one of the 20 best restaurants in the whole wide globe. Head chef Daniel Humm and William Guidara, the acclaimed Eleven Madison Park crew, transform the French chef's musical style into a French style of a season. Like the room, the meal radiates an unconscious decade.

It is not a documentary, but the animation of Soho's Le Coucou, the charming popular commercial by the productive caterer Stephen Starr (Buddakan, Morimoto). Most recently, we saw Daisuke Nakazawa, a humble trainee in Jiro Dreams of Sushi's documentary about eggnog pudding, humiliated by the rigour of 11 years of service under the world's most respected maker of freshly boiled mushrooms, Jiro Ono.

He has established himself as a lecturer at this slim sustainibar in the West Village. Head cook Alfred Portale made a name for himself with highly esteemed new US designs, and although the menus transcend all borders, the finish is stunning - just like the restaurant's up-and-coming male room. Del Posto raised the standard at its opening in 2005 with four-star aspirations and corresponding prizes, but the cave-like eatery has developed into one of the city's top locations for high cuisines.

Cuisine is challenging its competitors in France in butter-consuming. Surprisingly, Major Food skillfully silence such reviewers of a Four Seasons reamp with this stunning re-make of the famous Grill Room. It' also means Major Food is back in shape. Based on mid-century Delmonico and 21 Club meals, head Chef Carbone reconstructed continent favourites such as Fillet Peconic, Hummer Newburg and three Dover Iterationen.

Top-class Japonese cooking by star chef Hiroki Yoshitake and Yuuu Shimano went downtown to service the "New Washoku" chef. However, the young people behind Carbone have gone beyond sentimentalism in their tribute to these restaurants by turning the whole style upside down. As Torrisi and Parm, their previous joint project, it is a hyped-up Spin to a disappearing shape, a place where, sandwiches stick to bows, everything looks, smells and smells like much more of itself.

The cave-like café is a collection of New York's historical gossies of celebrities that span the past centuries, and the classical jewelry delicacies are incomparable. The extraordinary, spectecular Michael White ship on the coast of Italy is a delight to behold. His often alternating menus are built around what has reached its climax on his Westchester Ranch (home of a brother and sister restaurant).

Light greens penetrate every centimetre of the meal during the peas-period. One of the quietest little restaurants in the village, this underground jewelry case has developed into one of the roughest. A New England styled social place, it was a precursor to the city's fish-shack-cut. Pearl has an excellent Hummer bread rolls - cute, lemon flesh with a buttered bread on top - but also more refined meals taste good.

At last a place that' s fit for the buzz. From the fashionable biscuit cutters, the decorative bricks, the ball highlights, the culking marmorbar, you know the drilling suggestions you've come across in another busy rural restaurants coum-bear that isn't in the market. Much less widespread are talent like Ignacio Mattos, the Uruguayan-born cook who cooks in this Mediterranean place.

In Estela, Mattos has curbed his modernistic trends with a constantly evolving, mostly small meal that turns from avant-garde to intimacy and closes the gulf between Isa and the homely Italian he cooked in Il Buco. This first-class meal is still stunning. With its fixed diner meal, prax offers classic Italian cuisine with some delicate international cuisine.

This populistic line follows Neta and colours this 20-seater successor - who stays a cook dressed in a hat, just like the dull "99 problems" - but where an expensive omacase was an optional Neta feature, it is obligatory here. César Ramirez spent his day cooking delicacies in the Brooklyn Fare grocery market and a luxury 15-course menu in the shop which is one of New York's best small kitchens.

Guests sit on chairs around a preparation desk, the menus change every day, and the wines are BIO. During these non-smoking holidays you can also feel a breath of the restaurant's more than 120-year oldýhistory. There is still a three-inch thick sheep cutlet on the meal (imagine a loin of loin of lamb, but with more punch) and sweets like lemon cake.

Tribeca, a breathtaking side effect of the pristine Tamara cattle in the Flatiron District, attracts visitors from all parts of the sub-continent with its extensive cuisine. To see the nursery in this room decorated with bamboos is the gourmet equivalence for watching Buddhist friars in their prayers. Behind this Mediterranean bed-tuy commercial are some serious restaurants: Head Chefs Nick Perkins is a vet of Andrew Tarlow's Williamsburg Empress of Diner and Marlow & Sons.

Minetta Tavern, Keith McNally's affectionately renovated tavern could be the first New York Postal Millennial icons. Today the place is as lively as it must have been in its prime in the 1950s, and yet the meal is as attractive as the music. The name David Bouley may be behind this endeavor, but the celebrity cook is not in the canteen.

He has instead given the reins to the gifted importer Isao Yamada, who produces some of the best in town. Yamada's constantly evolving seasons meal, which spans 5,000 meals tested for years, is best perceived as a complex multi-course festival known as quaiseki. Headquarters downtown has recently had a facelift, but the meal is still a mirror image of the legendary Daniel Boulud.

Experienced and experienced cooks are preparing a variety of contemporary cuisines, but also seasonsal and foreign cuisines. Toqueville' s co-owner Marco Moreira went back to his Aqua Tree - he was educated as a cook of sushi - when he opened this festive Japan Culinary Tempel in 2006. This room conceived by Richard Bloch (Masa) is like a shrine, and the meal has an almost devotee of the uncooked fishing world.

It is punishably pricey, but delicious throughout. Located on the groundfloor of the Grace building, the large room is too cosy and cream-coloured for cold, with wooden bars and folk stamped walls reminiscent of the Alsace farmland in which Gabriel Kreuther - the man, not the inn - chirp. Following a highly celebrated ten-year period in Danny Meyer's MoMA Modern Cuisine, the experienced head cook enters the big panthéon of the famous flagship chefs - the Daniels, the Jean-Georges - with a cuisine that is as much as it is individual and accurate.

In spite of the noises and the crowds, the cuisine talks of a calm sophistication of the young cook Deuki Hong, who was previously in the cuisine with Jean Georges and Momofuku. The overall cuisine of Korea has grown in width and ambitions in recent years, but nothing has experienced an upswing like the traditional KKB.

Located 10 block from K-Town, the place is intentionally called the "Korean Steakhouse", a difference that can be found more in a purely US steakhouse than in a bulkogi-barbecue. It is a jewel that has a small group of UWS restaurants that make a visit to the city worthwhile.

Even if the earthy look of a mouth-watering mouth-watering meal tastes good, the succesful menus of head chef John Fraser (Compass, Narcissa) have a strong accent. The overly yielding triple-digit thrill kingdom of Omaka is ruled by the Sushi, with financial trophies and deeply bagged guests on their knees on the fictional Toro's seat. Proprietor Giuseppe Pappalardo of Staten Island Joe & Pat's has brought his boy Angelo (Esca) as cook and pizza-aiolo into this Italien pizza place, which offers plain pizza with thin crusts and classical redsauce.

The chickpeas are nowhere to be found in Nur, the forward-looking, pan-middle eastern Gramercy dining establishment by Israeli-Moroccan celebrity Meir Adoni (of Tel Aviv's celebrated Blue Sky and Lumina) and Breads Bakery founders Gadi Peleg. Instead, Adoni - the last in a burgeoning line of cooks who are transforming New York's food, such as Michael Solomonov of Dizengoff and Tomer Blechman of Miss Ada - extends beyond Israel's cuisine to draw inspiration from the entire Levant, from Judaic and Arabian tradition and from his own Northern Africa-backgrounds.

Jean-Georges Vongerichten's elaborately furnished gourmet restaurants use delicious East Coast cuisine. Groceries that are good for the world do not have to be less sumptuous, tasty or breathtaking. Barbecuing may be the quintessential US arts but New York restaurants seldom investigate their fat-free, flame-soaked potentials.

Joe Carroll's St. Anselm is one of the most impressing exeptions in town. A veggie -charged, well round meal combining Mediterranean, Asiatic and purely US flavours. Uncle Boons, a Thailand based replica of a ripptide of rising stars who repackage homely Asiatic cuisine - once banished into the walls or into the dusty war horses of the inner cities - in lively, forward-looking restaurants.

You will find Burgundy wines and beers, old Thai cutlery made of Teakwood and Messing in this cellar panelled in darkswooden, and perhaps also great gourmets ploughing through pasta in the back dinning room. However, the sandwiches are great, the meals are good and the services are unexpectedly kind. Breakfast will include their pure hazelnut-maple chocolate, while supper will include sport foods such as Togarashi roasted chickens.

Drinking from an expensive Zalto tribe is an action characteristic of a more informal environment, but with Charlie Bird you spin a smoking rodao riserti and nod your mind to the B.I.G. at the same time. This West Village commercial, equally dedicated to saisonal cuisine and serious wines, smokes its own polishing with subtile cues to the road, like big graphical printings of boomboxes and the now omnipresent gourmet music track.

Lucali's menue only contains two things: cakes and calcium zones, decorated with milk, flexible Mexzarella and plain fillings such as chilli or artichokes. The Buco's Off Shoot - a part vinecentric dining room (Vineria), a part gingerbread larder (Alimentari) - is more elegant than most.

Since the Ssäm Bar opened in 2006, head cook and proprietor David Chang has added to his resume as a cookery book writer (Momofuku), journalist ( "Lucky Peach") and - with the rise of his confectioner Christina Tosi - as a scoutsman. In order to comprehend his amazing achievement and personal worship, one does not need to search any further than this still a pride of the East Village restaurantscene.

Waiting staff romp around in this wood-panelled room with 50 seats, transporting oyster plates and local US ham, weeping rolls of pigs and risqué innards to desks that are still filled with brandy. Proprietor Robert De Niro exchanged his wreckage of trains for this blockbusters substitute, the Ago. You can enjoy the audacious kitchen as a bacchantian dinner in the city.

The most important relic is in the cuisine, where the head cook Carmen Quagliata - who ran the initial USC for a ten-year period - can still be found monitoring delicious paper clips. There is a small box on the top of the screen with a small box. Hidden in East Village, this little jewel is crammed with inner-city residents sips of soy drinks at a long wood community dinner while they wait for the latest NYC food in a trendy category of modern Korea cuisine.

Lim's sophisticated portrayal of traditional recipes combines with his traditional recipes to create extraordinary meals that remain faithful to both. Best on the map? Contemporary Paris brasseries below Canal Street don't try to re-invent the classic bike, but ride classic bikes in a more sophisticated (and expensive) way than your averages.

Cosme and Luis Aguilar, the cook and GM respectively, worship their deceased mothers using dishes that are traditionally made, some of them according to their own recipe, such as poultry breast and chinito chiapaneco (guajillo-marinated pig ribs). It is a light, enchanting place that has a way with the local people, and the meal card underlines the taste of his city.

The state of New York is dominating the faucets and wines, and first-class, comfortable appetizers, hors d'oeuvres and deserts arrive nearby. Aquavit New York launched contemporary cuisine in Scandinavia in 1987, and in the early years the stylish upgrading of the region's stereotypical flimsy cuisine was good enough. Its cuisine, which integrates Asiatic, Oriental and Afrikaans flavours into the Norse repertory, turned it into one of the most thrilling restaurants in the town to this day.

Emerging gastronomes in Park Slope should be studying this sociable Fifth Avenueioneer. Because of the non-reservation politics, the friendly owners treat the unavoidable waiting line with verve. Waiting is worthwhile for the delicious meals of the North. Marea' s Michael White (Alto, Marea) is one of the most productive and succesful Italian-American cooks in New York, and this great tribute to a classical Bologna taverna is the most open to the public in his cowshed.

Palestinian born cook and proprietor is taking additional measures to revive the aromas of her Nazareth baby - roll out eggplant in wood coal, roll out eggplant, make hearty yoghurt by handmade. This is also the case at Wildair, the kitchen manager Jeremiah Stone's twin door cafeteria and master confectioner Fabian von Hauske's avant-garde degustation-menue.

Though Wildair's à la card snack menus experiment less sharply angular than Contra's, there are rather restrainedinnings. While Jody Williams may have created her gala theme gourmet dining with some of her boyfriends and neighbours in her head, the meal here is too complete to keep gastronomic groups in check. Beef is the tent of the restaurants - the Creekstone Farms steak has a great, funk y taste and a charm.

Even though you will find this type of fair ticket elsewhere in NYC, you will seldom find it as tightly carried out or as reasonably quoted. The difference between Poker Paks and other cult Thai restaurants like SriPraPhai in Queens is the curating part of Andy the meticulous cooks. Here he flavoured the waters with panda leaves and squeezed his own dried nuts into whipped cream, concentrating above all on the north of Thailand's funk cuisine.

So far, Joël Robuchon has gathered 32 Michelin star chefs and supervised Gordon Ramsay and Éric Ripert. In 2012, when its downtown office was shut down, New York was one of the few large grocery towns in the world to remain without its patron. Robuchon is back again, this year in the Meatpacking District with an elegant, high-minded prax fixed meal.

The palate has so much appreciated these pyrouettes that L'Atelier is almost more of a ball-room than a restaurante. East Village needed a stove - an upmarket yet relaxing place that was not just another unexpectedly good ethnical pit in the mural. The savoury cuisine is large, sumptuous and tasteful. There' s a small fireplace in the eatery, but the true heat comes from the personnel, who will try to help you choose the right meal, and are also interested in knowing what you think afterwards.

In Kajitsu, however, there is something literally in the link between the dining room and the God. Its frugal, subdued interior evokes an awe for the natural world, which is also reflected in the aliment. In the pizzeria tarmac gardens, this contemporary blank carton offers an expensive 25- to 31-course meal, which is one of the most difficult bookings in the city.

The easy quest for excellence can be seen in one beautiful course after the other in the restaurant's huge glass cabinet cuisine. Further testimonies to the magic of the room fill the regional hoping meal, organised according to typical Hindu cuisine - not only tandoor and handicrafts (pot cooking), but also tava (cast iron), siguri ( "fireplace") and pattar (stone).

Freshly roasted in the south, this fat separator - initially a drinking room at the back of a pub - has become a fully-fledged dining room. This place has kept its handyman spirits - with hand-scratched dining features and furnishings perhaps recovered from a government college - and feel as authentically as any Dixieland grocery store. Not as carefully selected as other Brooklyn projects (the grains are Quaker Instant), the place looks as genuine as any Dixieland farm.

Roasted chickens, with an especially crunchy rind, are one of the juiciest in town. However, the sentimental dishes in Via Carota, the first common efforts of head cook Jody Williams and Rita Sodi - once rural, refined and heartwarming - prove that eating is anything but simple: Ryeggenic acid and chewing.

Three Nieporent is returning to the sacred rooms of his Montrachet dining room, the room where his defining début took place. Nieporent, however, has switched courses and hired head cook Markus Glocker (Gordon Ramsay in London) to refine a multi-course Europe-wide degustation meal with a hint of his homeland Austria. The 120-place wood-panelled smoking plant is a collaborative effort between self-taught mining foreman Billy Durney and gastronome Christopher Miller (Smith & Mills, Warren 77).

Restaurant owner Ed Schoenfeld and gourmet Joe Ng (Chinatown Brasserie) pay a light-hearted tribute to the gold era of China's gastronomy in this pioneering restaurant. It is an unorthodox setting for a traditional restaurant, and the ecological menus are just as difficult to capture with old-school Chinese-American food and new-fangled gourmet meals.

Throughout the Upland, a golden state shines, a brilliant homage to the home town of head chef Justin Smillie, which is located at the base of the San Gabriel Mountains. At Noodle Bar, the chef's first one-man kitchen design and the East Village defectory-award winning scheme, David Chang's Momofuku-Juggernaut began.

This virtuosic cook will offer guests an exhilarating gastronomic trip through the US crucible, stopping in the barrel, in New England and even on the Mexico frontier. Prior to having a target cafeteria on every nook and cranny of Williamsburg, Marlow & Sons-a trailblazer in the kind of country-style aesthetics and farm-to-table cuisine that has become the standard in Kings County.

Opened in 2004, the shop bears its relatively old name well, serves as a tempting coffee shop in the neighbourhood in the afternoons and a subtlely aspiring place to eat comes at night. From an early stage Gabrielle Hamilton's beautiful English dam started to develop the taste buds of this intrepid cook: Now welcome the gastronomy crowd, which further blurred the boundaries between restaurants and bars.

Williamsburg's Commodore, with its old circus arcades, canned slot and hi-fi that pumps out the Knight Rider title track, has the best cheapest pub in town, serving in a shabby restaurant where people come to get blottos. The Boerum Hill restaurant is a convincing complement to the city's long cuisines.

A Hideto Kawahara, a Rabian cook from the Hakata district of Fukuoka, Japan, monitors the smoking trays in this downtown pasta-store. Although you will certainly get this calibre in the Thai Queens en-claves, it is still a delicacy on this side of the river: banqueting cabins and a large dinning room in the vast expanses of Chinatown, a vivid collection of goggle-dressed students and millennia dressed in hats pumping rotten Susans with pig cheek and beet cake, while the gold hip-hop is pumping through the room.

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