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Resort and health resort Amara

impton Amara Resort & Spa, Sedona. Wellcome to Kimpton Amara Resort and Spa. Situated on Oak Creek, the hotel offers a beautiful view of the Red Rocks. Located in Uptown Sedona, Kimpton Amara is a boutique resort with a luxury spa near the backdrop of the region in the heart of Arizona. Incorporate a stay at Amara Resort & Spa into your tailor-made holiday in the USA, compiled by Audley's travel experts.

Wellcome to Uptown Sedona Resort & Spa

Hidden on the shores of Oak Crèek as if it were a mysterious shrine, we are also just a few paces from Uptown Sedona and near countless open-air adventure in Red Rock Country. With your purple cliffs, luscious paths, glistening streams, lofty cliffs and the story of the Indians, we want to be outside all the while.

Have a nice day, Amara.

About Amara Resort and Spa Hotel, Sedona

Situated in the heart of Oak Creek's countryside under the hustle and bustle of the city, the resort is only two steps from Sedona. Both of the hotel's rooms are ideally placed to overlook the famous cliffs that radiate a youthful aura.

This stylishly contemporary resort is a sophisticated blend of relaxed southwest and elegant city. Sedona's designs have caught Sedona's energies with touch like Indian cages artistically placed on wood-panelled surfaces and lavish fabrics in the colours of the nearby crags. When you enter the roomy arched lounge, the window in the background looks out.

All the comforts such as the parasol in your room or the "public bicycle", which is available free of charge to all our visitors to explore shops, fine arts centres or singles tracks. You can take the motelshuttle to the nearest trail heads or use the whirlpool, inflinity swimming pools or gym. A well-assorted minibar, soft bathrobe and yacht bed invites you to stay.

Contains the evenings winetour in the lounge of the foyer, but without breakfasts, starting at $12 (£9.80). Extra $27 (£20) resort charge is added per room per day and include day to day Yogakurse; gym; use of Amara Spa Relaxation Room and Ellipti Resort Room; Vallet park; one metre distance travel service; Wi-Fi Wi-Fi with Kimpton Karma Rewards and free location or toll-free ring.

Disabled people? This family and animal-friendly resort provides rolling cabins for $20 (£16), subject to available accommodation.

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