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Browse local classifieds for local jobs & careers from Long Island, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Queens & Manhattan. The city of New York City ranks as one of the worst-run cities in America - traffic deaths over a period of six months at an all-time low: there are always more classified ads than the metro. Small advertisements are also listed on the company's homepage. I' d like to close this transaction before the new year.

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An Antique Love's TAKE Node Bremfields Famous Outdoor Antiques/Collector Show, 4,000 merchants running Tuesday, July 10-Sunday, July 15, 2018. Both you and your loved ones may be eligible for a significant cash prize. Both you and your loved ones may be eligible for a significant cash prize. Suitable for companies or private individuals. Do you get shop or get 24?48 hour face-to-face loans.

You can also get a deposit in the form of money by paying your bills. Suitable for companies or private individuals. Do you get shop or get 24?48 hour face-to-face loans. You can also get a deposit in the form of money by paying your bills.

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A private multidisciplinary medical group looking for full-time or part-time podiatrists and full-time or part-time internal medicine/family practice/allergy and immunology. Full-/Part doctors possibilities for the New York Tri-State area. To let or ShareCentral Park South Medical Office, next to the Plaza Hotel. Beautiful views of Central Park. Parttime with the cosmetical neurosurgeon.

There are two examination rooms for you, a common lounge and a private one. Suitable for plastic/cosmetic surgeons/ENT/OBGYN/Podiater or doctors. The Gramercy Park Area (East 20th Street/Park Ave South : Nice recently refurbished doctor's practice with high quality equipment has several rooms for hire. Spacious reception area, two baths for guests. Our new and modernized practice has two rooms for rental.

There is a large reception area. upper east side/park avenue medicinalice ('2,300 sqm), for hire with purchase options or directly sell. You can call from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:00 Prime Location on East Street in the park. Again available, roomy 180 sqm for subletting with wonderful views of the gardens within the 900 sqm large doctor's practice.

A recently refurbished community centre on the groundfloor in a luxurious pre-war Art Deco porter's lodge. 65 Street between Park and Madison. Parttime with Facial Surgeon. There are two examination rooms and a lounge. Suitable for plastic/cosmetic surgeons/ENT//Podiatrist or general practitioner. A modern UES operations bureau for part-time use.

Lenox Hill Hospital, New York Hospital and Manhattan Eye, Ear, Throat Hospital within walk of. Nice Upper Eastside offices for rent. There is a seperate entry with common receiving and holding areas. Midtown Doctor's practice, 34th/5th Avenue. So you could split it with the neurologist. Nice downtown HealthShare Rechargeable Space: It is perfect for various fields of medicine. Nice large, fully equipped, sun-drenched Eckb├╝ro. between Park and Lexington.

Offices for shared use. An examination room is available all day; secretarial workspace. Common surgery and lounge. Operation room for joint use with the plastic surgeon. Thirty Central Park South, a few feet from the Plaza Hotel. Big holding room, receptions, three examination/treatment rooms, surgery, certificated wards. Parttime jobs at the internist's Murray Hill practice.

Podology Bureau Sublet, Midtown East. Wait room, toilet in the offiice. Shares/rents turnkey offices in a prime downtown location - 200 West 57 Street. A large medicinal room with washbasin and crew. Reception with well-equipped lounge. Common backroom with kitchen area and filing room. {\a6}- Call Dr. Marks, (212) 333-7300, com184 East 1970th.

There are three fully furnished apartments for hire. Common lounge, front desk and kitchen area. Applicable for various fields of medicine. in the Upper East Side Medical Department. Parttime, Monday to Friday, with daily entrance to the offices. There are two large rooms for treatments, a consulting room and a common lounge. Upscale Upper East Side Park Avenue Bureau for hire.

Whole or part term with joint lounge and entrance area. There is Chelsea space available to divide with rheumatologists. Medicinal Bureau for rent. Columbus Circle Area, 600 sf, with communal lounge. Sharing joint over-head available. Madison doctor's practice between East 32 and East 33, one unit from the metro.

There are two apartments for rent: 1) Five examinations, one consultation room, large 12K/mo; 2) Three examinations, one large consultation at $5,500/month. Room with front desk, secretariat areas. 1,500 sq. feet, adjustable to any speciality, can be one stock or have the entire bureau. Appropriate rental. Large condominium on Madison with 24/7 entrance and a Concierge Louvre.

Seldom Chelsea Medical Officer to divide with internist. 2 examinations and a consultation, sharing and welcome. Two-hundred and nine hundred Fifth Avenue. Offices for rent. Prestige located on Fifth Avenue, near the buses and metro. Common lounge. First class offices. I want a pad to New York hospital and HSS. Strictly speaking, it' et First, Only Blocks to NYU Medical Center, 1050 Park Avenue.

The Third and East 77. Office space for sales. 1,150 Park Avenue @ 91st Street. Prestige, full-fledged Park Avenue cooperative. Representing doctors in the following areas: professionals' inquiries; HIPAA compliancy; transaction structure; acquisition and disposal of doctors' offices; investigation of malpractice claims; and more. Call the company at (212) 684-4681 for your recommendation.

was established in 1938 and is supported by the Musical Society of the State of New York and 72 other state, regional and domestic health care organizations and companies. The IC System provides a broad spectrum of efficient and highly sophisticated debtor managment solutions that can be customized to your unique business needs.

Cleansing ServiceManhattan Feather Dusters, who have served the healthcare communities for more than 25 years, are experts at cleansing doctors' and dentists' surgeries with diligence and sensibility. Employer-operated and leading in the call centre and voice mail market for doctors' surgeries since 1991, Reswering ServiceMAP Communications.

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